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While I am not a supporter or a believer in a conspiracy theories it is hard to overlook the fact that governments have a secret weapon's that general public is not aware of and may or may not test those on the public.
I accidentally stumbled on this video on youtube and it is disturbing if it is really is.
So I did search for microway weapons here is a link so what you think anyone?


At this point; with the patriot act and revelations made by Snowden, nothing my (U.S.) government does surprises me anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if I was being monitored and recorded right now. Particularly for this reason: I'm a Syrian-American DUAL-citizen who has both love for his home country and his native country.

There are only 140,000 Syrians living in America. That's not a large number. It's not unreasonably far-fetched or paranoid for me to presume that might be a possibility... is it? You guys tell me. Cause honestly I don't know if I"m being paranoid or reasonable.

Take that number and deduct it by the amount of politically conscious Syrian Americans who love to spread awareness and expose political/social injustices in what may be misinterpreted as being a radical Islamic sympathizer when really I usually summarize my philosophy with a nice little joke I came up with.

I'm a Lennonist. Not Russia's Lenin, but John Lennon. "Love is all you Need"

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For you being Syrian American I can understand how awful you must feel Syria once being a great country in total ruins many innocent lives were taken and the world looks the other way

The worst is the passive aggression. It's as if everyone is just dying to tell me to "shut the hell up nobody cares I'm light-skinned so people often mistake me for being a "normal" American meaning Irish Catholic or Evangelical.


It's apparant in their body language. They'll have a conversation with me and be polite, engaged, and positive. Then by the end of the conversation when they ask "whats your name btw?" and I tell them or they spot me wearing a necklace that says Allah (like it's taboo or something. How many people do you see wearing a necklace with a Cross or Star of David?) their facial expression, mannerisms, demeanor and overall body language will change right away.

The liberals are worse with their hypocrisy. Pretending to get offended by being SJWs when they don't give a crap in actuality.

At least the conservatives are straight up about what they mean: they don't like me and they say it to my face. I respect Trump more for telling me he wants to ban all Muslims for entering my country from my country (U.S/Syria) than I do someone like Hillary who would smile to my face; that she cares and isn't in large part responsible for authorizing drone strikes killing over half a million Syrians during her tenure as secretary of state. Although I voted for neither.

I wanted Bernie Sanders; but the Clinton machine used their influence within the DNC to push him out before he even had a chance. What a shame

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