My Hospital Stay

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  Hi steemit! In my last few posts I talked about my labor and delivery today I'm going to share what my first few days as a mommy were like. I think that all first time parents probably go though a full range of emotions from happiness to fear all in a matter of minutes. We were ready to get home to the teal and pink nursery that we had set up for our princess, but since I had a C-section we were bound to the maternity wing at the hospital for 3 days. The hospital we delivered at is baby friendly, meaning they don't have a nursery and baby stays with the mom always. This sounded like an amazing concept until I realized that I had major abdominal surgery after 3 days of contractions and need to get a few minutes of rest, and my poor husband has barely slept as well.  My friends and family kept saying to enjoy the hospital stay and get some rest, I don't think I slept the whole time we were there, someone was in the room every time I closed my eyes to take my temperature or blood pressure or change an IV bag. My handsome husband did his best to make sure that I was comfortable and made sure that I never had to eat the hospital food, after only ice chips during labor followed by 24 hours of liquids when I could finally eat I was ready for something good.  Breastfeeding did not come naturally to me and required the whole team of nurses and lots of tears before I finally got it down. After 3 days of antibiotics for me and for baby, because of the infection that resulted in the C-section, we finally strapped our baby into her pink car seat and headed home. The best advise that I can offer to a mommy to be is to relax and try to enjoy every moment.   

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thanks for sharing!
congrats to you

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it

Hope everything went well

It did, thank you. We have a happy baby girl.

Lovely .. Really pleased and all the best for Xmas

Thank you, follow me for more stories

Congrats to you! I wish you the best.

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