the short Horror Story contest by @jade56

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My name is Alice, every night, ugly creatures do visit me to lick my cheeks while I am sleeping, I woke up every morning to see my cheeks with sores, I didn't understand what was going on at first, until I decided to investigate what could be the case, so on this fateful night, I decided not to sleep, I was in the parlour watching movies till day break but nothing happened, I noticed nothing, I believed I passed the danger zone but I was proofed wrong the next day when I slept only to meet the sores on my cheek again... the following night, I pretended to sleep but I was fully conscious of what was happening around me, few minutes to mid night, I saw this ugly creatures coming into my room through the wall, very dark with worms coming out of their mouth, I was so terrified but I remain in my position and as they drew nearer, I became more scared, as one was about to descend upon me and start licking my cheeks, I screamed and they all disappeared, I was so damn scared and since that day I refused to sleep alone......
Thanks @jade56 for this contest of horror..
i propose love and romance for the next genre

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nice horror story, best of luck bro

Scary... Lol.


Nice one bro 👍

This is funny,she do wish night never comes

Wow what a terrible horror experience. So scaring but at the same embraving.

Nice expression by horrioism

  ·  last year (edited)

Who go like to dey sleep alone sef?
Thumbs up @tayorex

this story is captivating.. Best of luck

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Pls she should never sleep alone,I'm always available and I don't snore.
Nice post bro

Awesome content!
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She seemed to be possed! Its kinda spiritual

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Really this story belong to you.....☺️