SLUMBER ashort Movie review

in horror •  2 years ago 


I am intentionally skipping the Storyline, you can read that on Wikipedia :).

SLUMBER is a Atmospheric scare strip, which focuses on the phenomenon of sleep paralysis and the fear of sleep paralysis. Unfortunately, the story of the film is told quickly and has hardly any surprises to offer. This makes SLUMBER arbitrary, in which one does not want to get rid of the feeling, as if the creators had given away potential.
The straightforward script follows a clichéd and predictable storyline that evokes a subtle scary mood.

Thus, less experienced in horror movies viewers can watch without hesitation, without even having to struggle with sleep problems. SLUMBER is a scary film following the standard formula, which is aimed primarily at an audience that has a penchant for old-school scare. There is no violence and there no animated virtual creatures to see. Instead, it plays with light, shadow and the imagination of the audience to create goose bumps. Incidentally, in SLUMBER you can only get a briefly (blurry) look at the movie villain. A clever move to activate the spectator's head cinema. Nevertheless, SLUMBER is not a horror hit. Once seen, it has already been forgotten which is because of the lack of unique features it offer.


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