My Ghost friend , stay with me for 7 days and nights - True story -

in #horror6 years ago

My friend already dead one month ago, I be friend with dead person.
This happen many years ago, when I was walking back to my house from my work place I bump with this guy (let name him Jerry). When I first met him ,his leg was injured his shirt full with I approach him and ask what happens to him, so he answered me , he got hit and run by motorcycle while he crossing the road. And he also told me he got chase out from house by his parents so he doesn't have a place to stay now.
Looking at his condition I offered him to stay with me, and I do ask him to go to hospital but he refused he said that just small injuries.

This is the day when I'm stay with ghost for seven days sevens night

After that Jerry followed me back to my house , while Waiting for his wounds all heal up. Let me shortened this up, on the seventh day I found out Jerry no longer in my house.
So I'm clueless and worried about him. But luckily he told where he lives before I've got his address so I went to his house and look for him.
Once I reach his house press his house door bell several times , am old guy came out with fierce face and asked me.
Who you looking for?
His sounds so serious, make me Litt bit afraid.
I'm answer him , is this Jerry house?
He said yes this is his house, what do you want?
Me: where is he? He left something in my house, I want to give him back his things
Jerry dad: what do you mean?! He already dead one month ago!

And his dad slam the door. BAMMM
After I heard what his dad told me that Jerry already died one month ago , my knees so weak o can barely walk ,I'm confused who stay with me this past few days?
I feel my body so cold my sweat pouring like rain.
So I decided to leave his out and put Jerry stuff in front of his door step.
Due to the day almost dark I rushed back to my car.
After I heard what happened to Jerry really make me almost pee on my pants!
So many questions pop up in my head, while I'm back to where I park my car, I see someone walks towards my directionhe look so familiar!
Is he Jerry?! And I look again that's him! But there another one person walks with him an old lady walk next to him.

I pretend like I didn't know him
The closest we are the weakest my knees get, in my mind I'm keep telling myself act like nothing happened. But unfortunately he called my name!
RAIN RAIN !! But I ignore him , but he didn't stop there , he called me again!
My body start shivering , I'm blame God why he doing such thing to me!
But after he calls me for the third time I'm answers him, Jerry ask me you just got back from my house is it?

I said yes. With almost crying voice.
But I use all my strength I've got I dare myself ask him You're dad told me that you already died one Month ago, please don't disturb me. I didn't do anything wrong to you

He start laughing hysterically, for real I already piss in my pant.
Then the old lady next to him answer me,
Don't be afraid son, Jerry dad always said something dumb like that. Jerry and his dad argued just now. His dad are like that when he get mad with Jerry. His got a BTch mouth. Nobody is dead here*

So at the end we all laughing hysterically!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA!!!

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