¿Have you heard about MOMO?

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If you are human beings and you live on the planet Earth, you should know who or what is MOMO yet.
A famous YouTuber from latinamerica, Dross, has upload a video yesterday talking about a phone number, aparently, cursed.
If reading this doesn't scared you, just wait 'till you see his Whats App profile's picture.


What about now?
A couple more data:
If you write to that number, which I wouldn't advise, this will answer with horrible images, dead kids was the example that Dross tell. On the other hand, it will answer knowing a lot of things about you, due to your Whats App data it will make an exahustive research by some media that make it easy fot this thing to manipulate you and make you fell fear.
Actually would be really complicated that you could keep a communication with MOMO in this moment due to the fame that the Dross' video gave to this case. Its phone should explode for the thousands and thousands of messages that should receive in this last 24 hours. And not even a troll from internet, nor the forces of evil can with millions and millions of messages of curious people who ruins its evil plan.
Some have tried calling this... thing... and there was no answer, at least no after the famous video.
Another interesting data is that the image is nothing from other world... Okay! Yeah, it's horrible, and we couldn't easily identify it as an human form common and current, but this es because it's not a person, but an sculpture made by a japanese artist.


So probably that number isn't that scary after all, right? Okay, maybe a little bit, but this allow us know that probably it's just an internet troll wanting to scare. At least, until proven otherwise, of course.

If you want to call or send a message to MOMO, the number is: +81 3-4510-2539
I don't recommend to call nor write, that's why I'm not responsible for anything that happens with that interaction.

What do you think? Let me know it, writing it in the comments.

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

If you write to that number, wich I wouldn't advise, this will answer with horrible images, dead kids was the example that Dross tell.
It should be which instead of wich.


Sorry, and thanks! Spanish is my mother tongue. I am still learning English every day, and this serves me as a practice.


Hahahahahahaha, I just realized about your username.