3 Spookiest Horror Film Theme Songs

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Many horror film makers tried to create, as much as possible, ghastly soundtracks in order to conjure up the atmosphere of their opuses. Some used the whole orchestra to perform for them, some composed soundtracks on their own, like John Carpenter has done.

In my opinion, the most eerie music in horror movie tradition is:

The Exorcist (1973)

Even now, as a full adult, I have terrible nightmares after watching exorcism of little Regan Mac Neil. Proclaimed as the most significant horror film by the time it was released, The Exorcist made an evolution in this genre. Taboo of exorcisms in the Christian world was finally broken. Moreover, the film was adapted from a novel by William Peter Blatty who insisted it was based on a true story. And the story is about 12-year-old girl Regan who was possessed by an ancient demon named Pazuzu. After scratching ‘help me‘ words on her stomach and speaking in backwards, father Karras decided to perform an exorcism on an innocent girl. And that’s where horror starts with that mystic music in the background. Theme song starts with the piano that would make your bones freeze and then heavy guitars comes in. The rock part of the song is performed by a rock musician Mike Oldfield.

Click here to listen to this hellish sounds.

Halloween (1978)

Maybe the most popular of the slasher films is Halloween franchise directed by John Carpenter. The eleven movies under that name, follow the life and crimes of a serial killer Michael Myers. Tall maniac with mask on his face escaped from the mental hospital 15 years after he murdered his sister Judith, to stalk and kill teenagers on the All Hallows Eve. The well-known theme song follows Michael’s monstrosities giving us all reason not to go alone to the toilet that very night. Again, this is also piano melody composed by the director himself.

Halloween theme song

Suspiria (1977)

The very champion of our small top list is a theme song for the underground flick called Suspiria. Directed by Italian filmmaker Dario Argento, Suspiria is the first part of the trilogy The three mothers. The plot is placed in German city of Freiburg, where an American ballet student arrives at the ballet academy. She doesn’t even know she is going to deal with a witch, a mother of sighs. Original theme song was composed by an Italian rock band named Goblin in cooperation with Dario Argento. Goblin released whole soundtrack for the movie with eight tracks on it and it was a masterpiece. The main sample of the song makes you feel cold blades runs through your skin and those ghostly voices makes you turning your head around the room observing if someone is staring at you. Maybe this kind of music does wake unholy spirits and witches.

If you want to feel goosebumps click here!

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