Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Oregon, U.S.A

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the witches castle.jpeg

In the 1800's a man named Danford Balch bought a large portion of land in Portland. Danford had a daughter named Anna who fell in love with one of her father's worker named Mortimer stump, Mortimer asked Danford for Anna's Hand in marriage. Danford refused , was infuriated, and threatened to kill Mortimer if married his daughter, the couple would get married in November of 1858. A year later, Danford would realize of what they have done and he would then to go on to kill Mortimer, Danford was arrested and escaped which led to his execution in October of 1859, it would become the first legal execution in Oregon. Following Danford's death the property was passed around the next century. In the 1930's the stone structures was built that we see today, it would be maintained by Portland Parks and Recreation, in 1962 the structure was heavily damaged in a storm and was abandoned. In the 1980's a group of local high school students found it and would hold parties students would name it "The Witches Castle" (Despite no connection to witched).



Underneath Chinatown in Portland, theirs a group of passages that are better known as Shanghai Tunnels. This tunnel is connected to the basements of many hotels and taverns to the waterfront of the Willamette River. It was originally built to move product from the shipping dock to the basement storage areas, this allowed businesses to avoid traffic on the street. Organized crime was the center of many newspaper stories of the 19th century using these tunnels and secret passages underground.


croisan creek roads.jpg

Not much is known about this road but many say a little ghostly girl is said to chase a ball into the road on Friday nights, local legends say she was killed on this road by a speeding car. It is said that speeding cars are most likely to see the little girl, some people say they see a little boy standing on the side of the road wiggling his finger at speeding cars and just disappears.


oregon state hospital.jpg

This psychiatric hospital was founded and constructed in 1883, its currently the oldest operating psychiatric hospital in the state of Oregon and on the West Coast. In one particular room it contained about 3,600 neglected urns. This now houses a mental health museum.



This mansion was built in 1909 for a publisher named Henry Pittock and his wife, his wife died in 1918 at the age of 72, and Henry in 1919 at the age of 84. The Pittock family remained in the residence until 1958, a Pittock grandson put the house up for estate on the market and were unsuccessful in selling it. Columbus Day Storm caused massive damage to the property in 1962, it caused the owners to consider demolishing the mansion. The community raised about $75,000 in order to help the city purchase the property, it is now owned by the city's bureau of Parks and Recreation and is open for touring.

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