Zodiac signs in decades

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Zodiac signs cover about 30 days. Astrologers differ in the boundaries of each of them by 3 decades, ie. periods of 10 days. The decades accurately and very detailedly determine the potential of each of the signs, and in particular its locations. Decades have their constellation in the sky. They are distinguished by their name and symbolism to ancient myths. Also distinguished are the individual Deputy Governors, ie the planets that control them.


First Decade: March 21 - March 31

The ram of the first decade is "programmed" to influence others with its rich imagination. These are people with incredibly pronounced individuality. They strongly influence others. Demonstrate their domination. They can not afford to lose. Sprinkle energy everywhere. Sometimes their temperament is quite fiery. They are individuals who participate in every enterprise at 100%. They are guided by the heart. They manage to fight for their dreams. They broadcast security in themselves.

Second Decade: April 1 - April 10

The ram of the second decade is inclined to innovate in his life. It is full of vitality. He demonstrates his feelings and often leads him to his actions. This decade of the sign predisposes to sensuality and passion. Not because he is afraid of change, sometimes even offers them. It sets high goals for realization. It infects its environment with optimism. Always strives to see the positive and create a joyful and entertaining atmosphere. He does not like to wait long.

Third Decade: April 11 - April 19

The ram of the third decade sees all questions in a complex way, noticing not only the path of their development, their cause, but above all their outcome. Often their mind flies to the future. Whatever he plans to do, he does it. He is not content with a little and always strives higher and farther. It is an individualist. He likes to decide for everything himself, he does not need counselors or accomplices. This is a native leader. He is the exploiter of reality, he is constantly hungry for knowledge. It easily communicates with people, instinctively sensing their emotions.


First Decade: 20 April - 30 April

The Taurus from the first decade is sympathetic, friendly. Easily opens in front of others and creates new acquaintances. She has artistic abilities and affinity for beauty and art. He appreciates the value of what he can do in his work and what he is accumulating. He will persevere in defending his convictions, and it is often difficult to convince him of anything else. He does not necessarily want to run new paths, he prefers to run on trails.

Second Decade: May 1 - May 10

The Taurus of the second decade is excellent in planning, arranging and organizing. It is guided by its principles, but sometimes intuitively selects other unconventional solutions. Others perceive him as a fair, honest and competent person. They work great when they define their own goals and methods of work.

Third Decade: May 11-May 20

The third decade is a strong personality. He consistently introduces his ideas into life. He is intelligent and brilliant, quickly draws his conclusions. They will be able to immediately assess the situation. The emotional sphere is characterized by a lack of flexibility, resilience, intensity of feelings.


First Decade: May 21 - May 31

Gemini from the first decade has extraordinary ideas, rich imagination, wit, and eloquence. People in this decade are inspired by new ideas. It does not lend itself to the influence of others. With sensitivity and ease makes decisions, then realizes its goals. He thinks logically and does not succumb to the opinions of his people or his emotions. Love feels like proximity and intimacy, which he carefully builds with his partner. He feels a certain tension and nervousness.

Second Decade: June 1 - June 10

The twins of the second decade are truly friendly "animals". They blossom against the backdrop of social contacts and the background of other people. The man in this decade scatters sympathy around him and demonstrates his feelings and thoughts. For this person, the understanding and approval of others are very important. He is distinguished in the group, less often in loneliness. He is curious about the world. He follows his dreams and wants to discover the unknown. Openly expresses her emotions, she is not afraid to admit her love.

Third Decade: June 11 - June 20

Gemini from the third decade are masters of making conclusions and making optimal decisions. The man in this decade is guided more by his own mind than by his emotions at a time. As in love, you must first gain his mind before winning his heart. Others like it because of its fun and humor. He very much puts the bar of his expectations for himself and others.


First Decade: June 21 - June 30

Cancer from the first decade is easy to be interested in a new idea. This is a hearty and emotionally generous friend, partner or colleague. With her innate sensitivity, she counts the feelings of other people. However, it is not denied by the arguments of the mind even though it values ​​more emotions. His main desire is the feeling of stability and security.

Second Decade: July 1 - July 11

The cancer of the second decade, whatever it does or feels, is always of enormous intensity. This is a deep-rooted person. Creates confidence. It provides people around you with a warm and warm atmosphere. He has extraordinary intelligence when making decisions but is definitely influenced by his intuition and emotions. Evaluates the value of work and stability. Love for him is an ultra romantic experience, full of sentimentalism.

Third Decade: July 12 - July 22

Third-decade cancer is a caring and dedicated personality, sensitive and open to others. He strives to bring about a true balance around him, striving for love and beauty. It is a flexible personality that adapts easily to new circumstances and people. He is guided by intense feelings. There is a strong need to belong to the family and to create a family home. Traditional values ​​are excited.


First Decade: July 23 - August 1

The lion from the first decade makes an impression of her colorful personality and extraordinary lifestyle. She is seen in the main role rather than the subordinate. He inspires people around him and gives them courage. She is not afraid to express her emotions. He quickly follows his first impression and heart in dealing with others.

2nd Decade: 2 August - 12 August

The Lion of the Second Decade will be able to show its "I" in all its splendor. Sometimes it is an incredible victory, sometimes a calm of the spirit, and sometimes an impulse of emotion. With ease, this moves to the vital meridians of turbulence and transforms into the ability to solve the problems in an instant. They have a sense of humor, although he does not lack the distance to himself. He constantly motivates his actions and does not sleep on old laurels. He is not afraid to answer even difficult challenges.

Third Decade: August 13 - August 22

The lion of the third decade is steadfast and steadfast. He quickly reacted to his inner impulses. His quick reaction is the desire for action and the introduction of ideas in life. Patience is not his strongest side. He is constantly thirsty for new ideas and challenges. Sometimes euphoria and dreams are his elements.


First Decade: 23 August - 1 September

The Virgo of the first decade has an incredibly analytical mind. This is a man blessed with intellect and rapidity of mind. This is a rationalist guided by common sense. He always wants to predict both the results and the source of the problem. Virgo is hearty. It is distinguished by a specific, incredibly intelligent sense of humor. He demands much from himself but from others. Often requires too many of your friends and acquaintances. To love is passionate. This is a masked person, although personal disputes and dilemmas are often played under the guise of peace.

Second Decade: September 2 - September 12

The virgin of the second decade is a person who draws attention to the details. Thought, planning will protect her from wrong decisions. There are principles and rules, but at the same time, it is a flexible person who adapts to others. He's given away. To him, this man is the harshest critic. He willingly demonstrates his dedication and affection to his partner. This decade is characterized by success in making decisions and plans.

Third Decade September 13 - September 22

The virgin of the third decade is the most capricious Virgo of the sign. These traits are attributed to this sign, and in this Decade are particularly enhanced. It is a person who is open to others and will be able to shorten the distance quickly. Its internal causes for action are acceptance by others. He wants it and does a lot so the loved ones can show it. Intelligence is expressed in the form of words, jokes, conversations, letters. It has an artistic flair. This is a very strong character. It does not lend itself very often to emotions. In most cases, he keeps his temper. Rate your freedom. When he loves dedicating a lot to his partner, he gives him a lot of himself. From the loved one awaits constant attention and constant admiration.


First Decade: September 23 - October 2

The scales of the first decade are charming, charismatic. Its natural environment is the world of luxury, beauty and nobility. He succeeds in spreading his charm around him. He willingly responds to the feelings of others. This is a creative personality. Her mind drives her to explore the novelties. It is a romantic who is inclined to burn out.

Second Decade: October 3 - October 13

The scales of the second decade fascinate with intelligence and magnetism. It is consistent in the realization of its intentions. In all respects, whether professional or private, although he will be able to harmonize, he values ​​the independence of his own life.

Third Decade: October 14 - October 22

Balances of the third decade are full of energy and appetite for life. They are constantly looking for ideas, channels, guidelines. It streamlines the world and its surroundings. They make accurate conclusions. The balance for them is the approval and interest of others. This is not a gullible person.


First Decade: October 23 - November 1

The first decade scorpion best represents this sign. His personality is more than magnetic. People in his environment will find a trusted friend and a trustee in it. Recognizes traditional principles. It is rather hidden, not all of its feelings are external. Ideally motivates yourself to act and is controlled.

Second Decade: November 2 - November 11

The scorpion from the second decade is given away. He gives pleasure to others in his time, his advice, his feelings. He instinctively knows how to help a person. For him, human relationships are essential. The relationship is a priority and wants it to be full of passion, romance, love. It is this feeling that somehow throws light (or shadow, when it does not) to the whole life of the man of this decade.

Third Decade: November 12 - November 21

The third decade scorpion is a man who enchants the surrounding with his inner world. It has a personal charm that harmonises the limit of hypersensitivity. He is idealist and fights for certain values. Intense feelings act strongly on his actions.


First Decade: 22 November - 1 December

The Sagittarius of the First Decade wants to understand and come to life to the universal truths and ideas. It is most expressed when his life is full of adventures and surprising situations. The other people fascinate him, he wants to understand their motivations. For others he is an interesting and honest friend. There is a spirit of freedom and independence.

Second Decade: 2 December - 11 December

The second decade shooter is an active initiator. Not waiting, just acting. He is bold and gives advice on difficult life situations. He will be able to breathe strength to fight even the weak and the unbelievers. As a partner, friend and colleague is worthy of trust. It's hard to make or persuade him to do something, he likes to act in his own way.

Third Decade: December 12 - December 21

The third decade shooter is a great friend, will entertain you, will understand and comfort you. Every life experience for him is a valuable life lesson. He is delighted to share his impressions of life with others. Love for him is associated with the gusts of heart and passion.


First Decade: 22 December - 31 December

Capricorn of the first decade is a responsible person, trustworthy. She lives in accordance with her own rhythm and principles in which she believes. He is conscientious and consistent. It sets boundaries, feels when it should stop, and when to continue pursuing its goals. When he falls in love, he shows the world quite another person.

Second Decade: January 1st - January 10th

The Capricorn of the second decade is definitely softer and soberer than the Capricorns of the other decades of the sign. He is trusted. He believes in the actions. There is the nature of an individualist, he enjoys the moments he spends alone with himself. For his family he will do everything, it is a priority value in his life. Although it is difficult to express emotions, it rather expresses them with actions rather than words.

Third Decade: January 11 - January 19

Capricorn of the third decade is a person of extraordinary intelligence. With incredible ease adapts to the new circumstances and people who meet on their way. He believes in ideas and dreams. But he does not run into the country of fantasy. Only manages to step firmly on the ground.


First Decade: January 20 - January 29

The Aquarius of the first decade is a person with an extremely insightful mind. This is a creative person, smart, intelligent. With grace talks, she jokes. He felt intrigued as if fate had provoked him. It attracts the changes. He is warm and open to society, he is a little distant from the people. Rate your personal freedom.

Second Decade: January 30 - February 8

The Aquarius of the second decade is energetic. Easily win the sympathy of the environment. He sincerely expresses what he thinks, and sometimes he is even too sincere. In love, he never loses control and guides his emotions.

Third Decade: February 9 - February 18

The Aquarius of the third decade is a humanist, most of all of this sign know human nature. It has the ability to create stable relationships, both professional and friendly. This is a romantic, visionary, optimistic who expects the best.


First Decade: February 19 - March 10

Fish of the first decade are very empathic, always protecting the little, the defenseless, the suffering. He is an excellent analyst and observer of human behavior, unmistakably understands others. It literally anticipates the motivations and behavior of the other person. Excellent memory and a sense of observation help these people both in their personal lives and in their careers. Fish are charming friends and they shine like stars when they are in the environment of others, even when it's a large circle of strangers. Fish are romantic, sometimes irreparable. Love treats as an exciting experience unmatched by nothing else in life.

Second Decade: March 11 - March 20

The fish of the second decade has an incredible imagination. Sometimes they balance the boundary of illusion, mixing the reality with the side of dreams and fantasies. This is a man blessed with artistic talent. Without the slightest resistance, it expresses its most hidden emotions. Seek harmony and avoid conflicts. Although it is a sensitive person, delicate, at the same time it is invincible and strong. In this decade, the fish succumb to their passions.

Third Decade: March 21 - March 20

Third-decade fish are very motivated to act and be proactive. They do not wait for a sign of fate, but they act for their own happiness. They are filled with energy and excitement. He is a man in constant movement, constantly introduces new ideas into his life. It's a discoverer. Defines goals, sometimes incredibly difficult and unreal. He is a thinker, he likes to put everything and everything on a prudent analysis. Above all, it is guided by your heart. For love, it does a lot.

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