What is the karmic mystery of each zodiac?

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The soul is reborn and brings in every new life prints from the front. It has its own missions and goals that are defined, and it defines its karma.

A string of clear and vague dependencies that are more perceptible than can be explained. But in astrology, there is an interesting theory of karma-zodiac. It is believed that giving birth to a certain date and time, and under a certain zodiacal sign, is not accidental! And it's part of your earth mission. Something has been missing in your past lives and the universal balance requires you to get it now.

This theory also explains why we sometimes show signs or do actions that are not typical of our character! Because these same "atypical" actions and traits have been an indispensable part of us in our past lives.

Aries - as soon as you were born under this zodiacal sign, in your past life you were unobtrusive and indecisive. You preferred to merge with the crowd rather than stand firmly behind your own positions. And now is the time to learn to be yourself. Be bold, do not give up on your principles.

Taurus - if you are a representative of this sign, you have been too poor in your past lives. It gives you the chance to learn how to earn, to enjoy expensive acquisitions and pricing. Many times you will want to split the penny into two or save. Do not do it! Every Taurus is destined to live affably, only if it is not a pitiful one.

Gemini - People are born under this sign who, in their past lives, have spent all their time on science, some cause, or serving somebody. Engaged in their duties, they could not really enjoy life. So now they have a chance to get to know his whole beauty. Enjoy the cloud, the gust of the wind, the beautiful verse. To cry on a sad song, to feel the power of little things.

Cancer - now devoted to their family, in their past lives The Crabs were merchants, who devoted their time entirely to their business. They have traveled around the world, have seen thousands of places, have met many people and cultures. And now is the time to sit down and appreciate the comfort and satisfaction of a quiet family life. And spend time with your loved ones.

Leo - they are often accused of egocentrism and even narcissism. It turns out they have the full right to be such! Because in their previous lives these souls were extremely dedicated to the people. They have helped unreservedly, neglected their needs, in the name of the other's happiness. And the time has come for them to devote themselves a little to themselves and their ego.

Virgo - born under this zodiacal sign were hermits, priests, monks. People who have dedicated their existence to spiritual search and growth. And the universal balance requires them to feel a little from the secular vanity, from the atmosphere of financial and commercial deeds, from the love and hatred of people. From politics, management, fashion, cinema, everyone, typical of the modern world.

Libra - enviable diplomacy, manners, incredible charm, and communicativeness. These distinguishing features of Libra were not always inherent to them, however. In their previous lives, they were brutal, even cruel, greedy, abusing the trust of others. They are only interested in their own benefits, so now is the time to root out terrible habits and become an example of humanity, honor, and justice.

Scorpio - the mystery, the secrecy and the closed nature of the representatives of this sign are not accidental. And they are a kind of karmic balancer because in their past lives the Scorpions were talkative, gullible, even superficial, but above all - they did not have the ability to keep the really important secrets. In addition, they often abused them and now the wheel turns!

Sagittarius - with this sign, things are a bit more special. The archers in their past lives have pursued only the pleasure. A feature that is strongly expressed in their present lives. But with it, a deep spirituality also appears. And here is the key - the Sagittarius karma is to find the balance between the two! To be pure as a child, but also with a wise soul.

Capricorn - Fighting, confident and successful careers, Capricorns are gifted with these traits to compensate for their full dedication to family and household in past lives. The time has come to expand their horizons and to devote themselves to their personal and professional development. Experience success, get used to the view from the top!

Aquarius - when you were born under the sign of Aquarius, you are paying for a number of selfish and self-centered incarnations. It's no accident that Aquarians are absolute altruists, ready to help everyone. The lesson to learn now is that the whole world is a big family that needs to be loved and helped.

Pisces - This sign closes the zodiac circle and its representatives have learned all the lessons. It is only right for them to apply what they have learned to live in happiness and harmony with themselves. It is believed that if the Fish does not listen to his inner voice, who always knows the right decision, he will not find joy. So, the advice to you is not to cheat on yourself. Never!

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