Tomorrow's Horoscope Sep 5th, 2019

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We are like on fire.
And tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, we may start adding fuels to it.
For example, you may face an irrationality at work, and it makes you feel the urgent need to change jobs or have your own business.
A rather negative thing can happen to motivate you strongly.

The most stars are in "mutable" constellations.
The mutable constellations have the nature of constantly changing, rather than the nature of being determined to pursue one thing.
Things are changing, and I advise you not to take critical action yet.
If you are in urgent need to do it, then prepare a plan with which you can turn back.
It is good to challenge different things this year, but it is not time to make a critical decision yet.

What you can do now is to learn new skills, even though you cannot use them immediately.
I understand it is classic to set a goal first and then to plan how you achieve it.
But it is quite scary to set a firm goal and work hard for it nowadays, as things are changing so fast and unexpectedly.
I advise you to set a flexible goal so that you can reset your goal as the trend or situations change.
For example, if you want to be a comic writer, writing a comic daily is not enough.
Maybe you can read lots of comic books as well so that you can be an editor of comic books even.
What I'm trying to say is that it is preferable to be able to do a few different things for a living, because the demand for your current job or future job could disappear as technology develops.




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