Tomorrow's Horoscope Sep 2nd, 2019

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It is not always right to be fair or to defend justice.
For example, if you work for a company, your priority is to bring lots of sales to the company.
Or, that you choose a partner and treat her special means, you exclude others.

To select a company or partner can be distinction and discrimination.
Distinction and discrimination are not much different despite all the feminists believe their difference is obvious.
The difference between the two may be whether its intention is good or evil.
And whether your intention is good or evil is just a matter of how you perceive it.
For example, a woman marries a prestigious man, and she feels so proud of it.
She is a Classist.
Or that a woman chooses a rich man because he is rich is discrimination against poor men.

I don't say that you should not do it because it is Classism or discrimination.
What I'm trying to say is that those people, especially feminists, call for equality actually discriminate against some people to a certain degree, without realizing it.

As you are recognized in the company or society, you may need to "discriminate" against others.
Let's say you are working for a big company, and assigned to a new important project because you are capable.
But disappointingly, the project is to copy the epoch-making product of a small company.
Or, you may get a boyfriend, and you need to abandon friendships with your all other guy friends.

For some of you, it is time to get rewards, and I understand you are so happy about it.
But I hope you will stop for a while and think about where the rewards come from and what you need to pay by receiving them.
Someone else could be paying for your rewards.





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