Tomorrow's Horoscope Nov 1st, 2019

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If you have a dilemma or conflict, you may find a solution to it.
It is more like suggested by someone else, rather than coming up with a new idea by yourself.

For example, let's say you have a dream, but you cannot earn money with it at this moment.
So you have been searching for a job with which you can chase a dream and earn some money.
And you finally find one.
Or, let's say you are to choose a man with a stable income or a man with whom you feel so comfortable.
And you decide on the first one by taking the time to understand each other so you can feel comfortable with him one day.

However, such a solution may be a rocky road.
I think the road is more challenging than you think.
I want to advise you to find a road which lets you be who you are with fewer efforts.

Tomorrow, a situation tends to make you short-sighted, and force you to decide on something which is not the best for you.
Think in the long-term.
You have got a dream and found real you by having challenged this year, and it is not right to abandon them and accept a boring job offer just for a stable income.





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