Tomorrow's Horoscope May 21st, 2019

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You may need to pay for something tomorrow.
For example, you need to work overtime, and your time is lost.
Or you need to obey your boss' order without being convinced of its importance.

However, you may benefit from it.
For example, if you work overtime, you get paid for it.
And if you work overtime with your colleagues, you may feel a sense of solidarity, and it is not a bad feeling.
Or in the case you don't like the order of your boss, you may find a colleague who shares the same feeling with you and could become a good friend with you.

The sun and Mercury enter Gemini tomorrow.
It is time you search for new chances, so such irrationalities like working overtime or your boss could bring you a chance.
For example, if you want to be a strategy consultant in the future, it is good to know well about the irrationalities or inefficiencies in the company.
Consider the company you are working for as one sample of your clients when you become a consultant.
Another example is that if you are thinking of changing the company, it is good to know well about the company so you can use the knowledge to see what a company is like by just taking its interview.

I know you want to immediately cut off irrationalities and inefficiencies, and go straight to what you want.
But I think detours often enrich your life with insights, and they make your work incomparable to others'.

For example, if you enter a consulting firm immediately after you graduate a university, what you can do is to follow how your seniors are doing, most of the time.
You need more than intelligence to develop your own and new ways.
What you need to be new is experience in lots of different fields, I believe.
(I won't advise you to work at a company just for "experience", though. If you can go straight to what you want, it is the best.)






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