Tomorrow's Horoscope May 20th, 2019

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You may have just got the reasons for your revolution.
For example, you decide to work harder to get more income for the sake of your family.
Another example is that if you enjoy your work, you can be emotionally generous to your family and your family becomes happier.
So you don't need to feel guilty that you take a risk and change your job to more interesting one.

Or you may have just found originality in your work.
It is still tiny, but you can grow it more prominent, and you can use it to succeed in your career.
Like your drawing is somehow cute whatever you draw, and you can specialize in cute drawings in the future and make a living with it.
You may still need to learn, but it is hopeful.

Whatever you do, it may be better to concentrate on learning and see for this moment.
A chance is yet to come.

Uranus is in Taurus and stays there for about six years.
This position implies financial changes or revolution.
Besides, Taurus also symbolizes enjoyment and talents.
So you can find new hobbies or jobs which you enjoy or are talented more.
Or you don't change the job, but you can make your job more enjoyable.

It is not you go for a big dream tolerating hard work but is more like you enjoy each moment of learning a skill, and your skill reaches at a professional level without enduring hard work.
I mean, you need hard work, but you enjoy it.
If you cannot enjoy something however you try, then maybe you should think of quitting it for your better life.

Uranus in Taurus may mean that if you enjoy your work or life, naturally your income increases.

And the moon overlaps with Jupiter on 21st, and Jupiter is still forming an ominous angle with Neptune, making our future unpredictable.
It is like we go through a tunnel so dark that we cannot see where we are going.
We need to depend on uncertainty called hopes.
Unfortunately, this situation may continue for a bit longer.






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