Tomorrow's Horoscope Jun 18th, 2019

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Tomorrow, it is a good idea to volunteer for tedious tasks or tasks disliked by many people, because it is a day you might come up with an idea while you are tackling such tasks.
People would like to pay money to automate or mechanize such tasks, so doing such tasks could give you a good business idea.
I think the stars are telling us that thinking hard at the desk is no point if you avoid such tasks.

Maybe Americans and Europeans are successful by assigning tasks according to employees' professions.
But I feel that such a system only decreases productivity for Japanese people.
You plan a product, manage its production, produce it by yourself, and make sales by yourself, rather than specialize in a specific process.
I know it looks inefficient, but I think it works better for Japanese.

Some Japanese people seem that they don't know how to "plan" or "manage".
They don't focus on critical matters but chores when they plan or manage, creating unnecessary tasks.
Even if they become the brain of a team, a manager, they don't know what to do and end up with interrupting its members' work unnecessarily.

So I think the Japanese should do all the different jobs at the company in routine.
Then you know what your plan and management end up with.
And you learn from it.
Some people criticize that such a system won't make employees professionals, but that's the case when you don't think about which job they want to take for what purposes.
It is not what the members of the human resources department should think, but what each employee should think by himself.

There is already a system in which employees are transferred to different departments in a few years term in most Japanese companies.
Unfortunately, it seems not working.
I think it is because they don't experience management.
Japanese executives frequently tell employees to think at management levels.
But how can they if they don't experience management?

Yes, I know only those who know what their plans or management have ended up with by just looking at the figures of each process should plan or manage.
The problem with Japan is that such people are scarce in labor markets.






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