Tomorrow's Horoscope Aug 7th, 2019

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You might get a result.
I don't mean you can get thankful words or money for what you have done.
You might be able to "see-through" what is going on about yourself like whether it is the right/wrong way to go.

For example, you might realize how high your boss evaluates you.
Or you might see through the real intention of your boyfriend of going out with you.

What you might see through may be good or bad, and it depends on individuals.
Unfortunately, I guess that it is not a good one for most people.

Sun is in good condition.
S,o put a priority on what you think.
For example, if your boss doesn't evaluate you high, do you still want to stay under the boss?
Are there any advantages to staying there?
If your boyfriend thinks you are just a temporary partner, what do you think of him?

These days, as you take your own way, your place or position or values in society are at risk.
So think in a long-term.
You may lose something with less priority at this moment, but can you get the one with the highest priority at the end?
If the prospect is good, then don't care too much about what you may lose lately.






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