Tomorrow's Horoscope Aug 18th, 2019

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Mars enters Virgo tomorrow.
For about one month and a half from tomorrow, "The devil is in the details" will be valid.
Those who are not detail-oriented may understand how important details are, hopefully through positive experiences.
And it is also an excellent time to understand those who are fussy with details.
Conversely, fussy people should not care too much about details and lose the long-term goal, and should not demand too many details to others.

People strong in Virgo tend to be too detailed for others to understand, and may find it challenging to achieve more than self-satisfaction, sometimes.
Fortunately for them, their details may be understood and highly valued this time.
However, it doesn't mean "The more detailed, the better." is the eternal truth for all of the people on the earth.
Keep the thought to yourself, and do not push it to others.

For those who create or plan something, it may be more efficient to use your time to blush up your creations and plans, than think of new ideas.
And for everybody, making "achievements" may make your life more satisfying.
The achievements don't need to be great compared to those of others.
If you are satisfied with your achievements or they get better than before, it is good enough.

If you are stuck, take actions to get whatever achievements.
Only after that, you can productively brood over if it is meaningful for you to do or for the world.





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