Tomorrow's Horoscope Apr 20th, 2019

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The Sun enters Taurus.
And the Venus which is about to get out of Pisces forms an angle with it as if the Venus praised the Sun.

It could mean that you will be given a new role.
But I think it doesn't mean that you are evaluated high.
The people around you only give you a chance because they like you or they know you have been working hard.

The Venus soon enters Aries, and it makes the people around you more demanding, and difficult to accept your mistakes or failures.
It means that you are expected to contribute to them, not they contribute to you.
For example, let's say you are a sales staff, and until now you have been just helping senior sales staffs, but tomorrow, you are finally allocated with customers and expected to work alone.
Another example is that you are finally finished with training and you are now allocated a job.

While the Sun is in Taurus, for this one month, you need to deal with reality.
You may have only complaints with reality at this moment.
But you need to live with them.
It doesn't mean you need to compromise or concession.
Rather, you need to enjoy reality.

For example, you are working for a company, and it is stressful for you.
But to work as an employee is not that bad, because it gives you stable earnings every month and makes your life easier.
To make most out of it, try to enjoy your life with the money and limited time.
Some people say you need to invest in yourself so you can stay a valuable worker in the job markets.
But, isn't it better to invest in what you enjoy?

Or, you can also try to find something enjoyable in your stressful job.

For those who are desperate to earn some money, this year's appropriate action is to try different things without prejudice.
And the overlap of the Saturn and the Pluto gives you the power to make impossible possible.
So, it is possible something you've never expected to bring you money, may do so.
Don't give up.






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