Tomorrow's Horoscope Sep 3rd, 2019

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You may find that your plan won't work.
It sounds bad.
But it means that you can see something you couldn't see, and it now helps you to predict the future of the plan.
If you have already started carrying out the plan and you cannot avoid losses, I feel sorry for you.
Those of you who have waited until you can see the whole picture of the plan and its future are lucky this time!
Sometimes it is better to wait, and sometimes, it is better to act immediately.
Yes, life resembles gambling and is scary.

Saturn and Pluto overlap each other in Capricorn, and Uranus is in Taurus.
The planets are actually working more evil than what I expected.
I'm not sure if it will lead to financial depression.
What I got to know yesterday is that posting videos to YouTube channels, and writing blogs won't bring you much money anymore.
Another story is that in Japan, that beginners learn to program and find a job at an IT company is a trend.
They are looking for more self-fulfilling jobs.
But I saw at Twitter, a person posting, "the demand for programmers, especially beginners, have already reached a plateau."

What all we can do at this moment is to work hard.
The problem is that in Capitalism if people with the same talents work hard at the same time, they all fall into poverty.
We need to go for something at which we are more talented than others.
It won't help you as you say, "This is for my self-fulfillment." and are doing the same thing with others.
We need the precise definition of self-fulfillment here.
We are all different, and the definitions should be all different so that the world will work fairly well.

At Steemit, post rewards and curation rewards now are the same.
What I guess from it is that there are too many creators and too few curators at Steemit.
To balance the numbers, Steemit increased the rewards of curation so people would curate more rather than post unpopular articles.
Reading high-quality articles(I don't believe that more popular articles have better quality, though. It is a belief of those running Steemit.) will improve your life, and at the same time, you get more money.
Yes, it sounds good.
But I don't think it will work.

To make the future of Steemit brighter, I believe that Steemit needs to be more accessible by making the creation of accounts easier.
And for the newcomers to stay in Steemit, it needs to bridge the gap between rich and poor.
Capitalism prevails at Steemit as well.
The gap is so big that it is discouraging for poor to vote and write at Steemit.
It may be better if you have more votes with more Steem Power, but the weight of one vote is equal among all rich and poor (That each person can vote only once for one article remain the same).

To reward more to people contributing more with their big money, and not to let poor dropout won't be achieved at the same time.
I know the world is prospering because we have rewarded the big-contributors more.
But the development has reached a plateau, and we no more need further development.
We need to shift to the world, which is equal and fair to all people, not discriminating a single person because of the amount of money he has.





Steem Powerを沢山持つことで貢献している人を優遇したいのは分かるけど。
票の数はSteem Powerと連動させて、一票の重みを平等にすれば(1記事に対し各々1票のままね)また違ってくると私は思うけど。


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