Tomorrow's Horoscope Sep 14th, 2018

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You may be trying hard to shape your imaginations or realize your dreams.
Tomorrow, a hint might come to you and help you to achieve them.
It may come from your friends or your family, or even yourself who have worked hard and are now ready to receive a insight from God.

After that, the Moon and the Jupiter overlap and work together tightly with the Sun and the Pluto supporting the overlap.
You are given tools to solve the problems or to achieve your goals.
The tools are of course what you got through your hard work.
So you know you are slowly moving on.
At the same time, you may be given difficult situations just to overcome them.
All you need in these circumstances is just a hope and commit to it.

The Mars in Aquarius and the Uranus in Taurus are getting more and more "conflicting".
Yes, your dreams or goals may be too "idealistic".
They are logically possible, but not enough reality in them and so you are stuck with them.
People don't react as you expect or things are not destined as you want them to be.
I think what you need at this stage is to let them go.
Don't try to control them.
If you got a chance, go for it.
You can not control your or their destinies or what I should say "chances".




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