Tomorrow's Horoscope Oct 8th, 2018

in horoscope •  11 months ago 

Maybe today you found a truth or got a fruit.
You are progressing.
I guess what you need to do next is to find the next step.
And it's always good to go over what you have been doing and what you have achieved by it, especially because the Sun is in Libra.

But finding the next step may involve some hardship.
Maybe now you are better than your boss but you still need to obey what your boss tells you to do.
It is frustrating.
Maybe you go to art school but somehow you think you learned enough and you feel the time spend at the school is wasted.
Just that if you don't go to the school, the payment you have made to the school beforehand will be wasted and you don't like the idea of leaving the school.
If you are uncertain about your next step, collect information and see how it goes at this moment.
I think the power to decide on will be given to you at the end of this month or the next month.

If you think you are good enough, maybe you can try to find a company which can give you management position and then you don't have to obey a manager who is not as good as you.
You can also try to find a job without graduating from the school and see how it goes.
It's just a way of getting information.
I don't mean to push you to change a job or quit school.




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