Valuable Insight From The HOQU Q&A of December 10

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On December 10, the HOQU project has conducted the 3rd Q&A session between project founder Alexey Shmonov and the community.
The questions were received from numerous community members and contained important issues that the project’s founders were ready to answer in full.
Priority was given to questions which were asked before the Q&A session, but that did not stop the HOQU founder from answering a considerably greater number of questions that were posed by the community.

Q: When will HOQU Platform go live ?
A: Beta of the platform is going to start In the first quarter of 2019

Q: What is the marketing plan for the platform and when it will start ?
A: We plan to conduct offline and online marketing activities. Such as conferences , online marketing. The active promotion is going to start in 2019
We are attending at the Affiliate summit in January it will be start of the promotion.
Massive marketing is going to start after release of the platform.

Q: Will you participate as speaker/booth or normal participant?
A: We have booth.

Q: Is there any potential partnership / customers to be announced ?
A: Not yet. We will tell about partnerships later.

Q: How is the current market downtrend impacting the project development ?
A: It does not affect it in any way. The company’s budget is large enough to develop the platform within the time specified in the roadmap.

Q: Is there special events (airdrops/buyback) planned for the HOQU community ?
A: No decision has yet been made about buyback procedures. About airdrops we will provide information later.

Q: Update regarding the exchanges listings and when could we expect first big exchange listing?
A: Now is not the time to think about it, given the current state of the market. However, we are continue negotiations regarding listing. We have a lot of listing exchanges offers. but they are not interesting for project now. We are looking only for solid exchanges.

Q: Update regarding Kaufman case ? (Other details than our lawyers are dealing with it and not impacting project development)
A: He left the project. Now he is engaged in developing his own project.

Q: Is there decision regrading migration to other blockchain and token swap ?
A: We are still thinking about the possibility of a transition. Now we make focus on Ethereum , because EOS also has some unsolved problems.

Q: Hello. Are there any changes in development’s deadlines ?
A: No, everything now according roadmap. We follow the Roadmap. The platform will be released in the first quarter of 2019. This means that it will be possible to use the platform. When we will release platform we will go on product development. provide new features , fix bugs and etc.

Q: How much capital/funds is there left in $ after the massive decline in Ethereum/BTC? For how long are you funded?
A: We have enough funds to keep developing the platform. An information about the funds we still hold is available on Etherscan (please check the beneficiary wallet)
Some funds were converted into BTC.

Q: Were there many people who tested app for merchants ?
A: Today we have registered 1332 affiliate and
135 merchant

Q: What development of the application the most labor-consuming? (for the affiliate, a merchant or for networks)
A: The most time consuming and responsible part is the construction of a proper, scalable and conveniently supported architecture. If we compare the complexity of applications, the development of network applications was the greatest challenge. This is due to the fact that many features within the networks interact with merchants and affiliates.

Q: I noted that the HOQU wallet is running very low on funds, also yesterday another 1000eth were sold via Binance.
A: We are managing company risks. Ethereum lost 93% since January.

Q: But selling Ethereum at -93% suggests you need to sell as you run low on Fiat to fund operations.
A: The fact that ETH was sent to exchange doesn’t mean that it was exchanged for fiat.

Q: About a mono-repository: why you decided to use this technology right now, and not earlier?
A: The decision to use the mono-repository was made when we realized that we would have 3 independent applications. And this was at the time when we were developing the affiliate application. The fact that we have written about this in the autumn does not mean that we introduced it at that time.

Q: What’s in the priority of the HOQU now ?
A: We are focused on the development platform. It’s our main priority. Crypto market need real projects

Q: May you tell something about that as well as who is taken in the team of developers?
A: For the front-end, we are looking for reactor developers, and for php or go developers. When hiring, we do not try to take everyone we meet and somehow inflate the staff of developers. Instead, we look for employees who have the necessary competencies that we need, so that they would be most useful for the project. It is also important that we select the people who are ready for teamwork. (haha, almost true).
The selection of specialists usually takes place in 3 stages. This is a meeting with the HR department, then with a lead and then with the head of the development department. At any stage, the applicant may be given the actual task, so that we can be confident in the knowledge of the candidate. It is also worth noting that we conduct interviews both via Skype and personally with candidates in the office. And another important point is that we do not have outsourced employees. All the developers work together in the HOQU project’s headquarters in Moscow (Russia)

The Q&A Session proved extremely productive as founder Alexey Shmonov managed to answer all the main questions that were of interest to the community members.
The HOQU project is following its roadmap and is focusing all of its efforts on developing the platform to be able to offer a valuable product on the market within the terms stipulated. Stay tuned for more news and updates from HOQU.

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