Hurry to get HOQU tokens on your ETH wallet. Please pass the KYC before February 15.

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Dear contributors and token holders who have not passed the KYC procedure!

HOQU reminds that it is possible to hold tokens in the HOQU account up until February 15!

To have the tokens transferred to an Ethereum wallet, you will need to undergo a verification procedure (KYC).

The opportunity to undergo the KYC procedure is available in the user’s Personal Profile Account on HOQU.

Please follow the steps in your account to pass the KYC.

👉 You can find a list of identity documents that you can use to undergo the KYC in your account.

👉 Scanned copies or photographs of documents should be clear and legible. The document file size should not exceed 5 MB.

👉 The name and last name should be written in English or in the official language of your country and should correspond to your identity documents.

👉 All remaining information must be in English. The address must be entered completely.

If you successfully pass the verification procedure (KYC), you will see the “ACCEPTED” status.

Dear contributors holding US documents!

HOQU respects international rules and regulations, including the rules of The Securities and Exchange Commission. According to the rules of the SEC, a contributor should be an accredited investor to be able to take part in the token sale.


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