HOQU Attended The Affiliate Summit West. Read about how it all took place.

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Recently, for the further promotion of the project, the HOQU team took part in a key event, the AFFILIATE SUMMIT WEST 2019, which was held in Las Vegas, USA, and lasted exactly 3 days from 6 to 8 January.

Alexey Shmonov and Timur Poltorykhin at the ASW

The summit was attended by more than 6,000 participants from more than 80 countries, including industry leaders, and is rightly considered the largest event in the field of affiliate marketing.

The main objective of the HOQU team was to attract the first customers to test the platform, as well as to find potential partners for the project. During all 3 days, the representatives of the HOQU project represented by Alexey Shmonov (HOQU CEO and Co-founder) and Alexander Duzhnikov (HOQU COO and Co-founder) and Timur Poltorykhin (international business developer), actively communicated with people interested in the project, answered emerging questions, advised potential users and exchanged contacts. The project presentation was carried out mainly within the framework of the exhibition, where the HOQU project has a booth, which allowed the team to personally communicate with everyone who had an interest in the project. Also, the project representatives visited several meetups in order to expand the network of contacts.

Several dozen potential clients from the West Coast of the US to India and China are waiting for the release of the platform and expressed their desire to become its first users. Most of those interested saw themselves as advertisers, however, there were those who wanted to test the platform among merchants and affiliate networks.

Attending this event will undoubtedly affect the visibility of the project and will contribute to increasing the number of potential users of the platform.

A rich and productive trip to the United States is just the starting point for achieving the global goals of the project. There is still a lot of work ahead! Thanks to everyone who supported us at the event!

See you soon,

The HOQU Team

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