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In this video I talk about the greatest movement on Steem right now! @steem-ua. I'm supporting the @steem-ua project because it's having a positive effect on the Steem blockchain and I like the idea of a new reputation scoring system. I understand that some may perceive MY OWN reputation in the public eye as not so good, and I don't want any of that negativity to be reflected on @steem-ua. So as of right now I will decline any rewards from @steem-ua. I am a huge supporter of the project and I want some of my steem power to reward the smaller players without any immediate personal gain.

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Don't even have 20 steem power wish could do that 😅

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Mad respect! It’s a great project and did 500 myself. 💯

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Mr. “218” haha

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Mr 247, you’ll pass me soon 😂

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I just heard about this yesterday and immediately delegated 250 sp.

Not much maybe but 1/16 of total sp and better than nothing.

They upvoted me once so far and I love that they are trying to creating a new way to find and pay smaller steemians.

Great project. I delegated on it as well.


Good choice :)

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This isn't the first time i have heard about this steem ua, i will look in to it thanks for the info Trevon.


You should

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It's really a big project. Respect has increased on you!



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Glad to have you on board and appreciate the generous delegation!

Very generous

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I am excited myself with @steem-ua, but I only have delegated 25 SP 😊. It is also great for plankton like me.

Thank you so much for explaining . This is really good project .

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Thanks for letting us Minnows know about this project. I've been busy trying to open up/expand the "Fashion" tag here on steemit and knowing this is out there will be continued motivation through the slow process.

I delegated 250sp to them and I've had a few posts upvoted so far. It's a promising project for sure. It's great that there are people helping out the smaller players. Steem can be a tough area.

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