Never eradicate someone else's hope, when that's the only thing they have

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A short poem of encouragement and stimulus, to those people who easily lose their hope and gave up their dreams.


When you're feeling lost or in trouble
Suffering or deep pain of losing desire
When it seems that you're alone
You can't be seen or be heard by anyone
When everything isn't happening according to your plan
When you feel that you're at your weakest
Just take a moment
Externalize and cry
When it seems
That nothing's happening
Just look up at the sky and think
This is just temporary
It is just a test
And all you need to do is just to survive
When you feel the hopelessness
Say a prayer
Never lose hope through your faith
Everything will be going to be fine someday
No matter what
Always look on the bright and positive side
Be an optimist
Sweetness or bitterness will both survive
We knew that it is easier to be said than done
But, what's in our mindset will always be the triumph


A very inspirational write, Wagun:)

Hi, I'm new here. Your poem describes exactly what I'm going through. And yes, my faith is strong and helps me believe that things will get better.