Terran Continuum Cultivation part 1 Hope

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Let's being with light at the end of a tunnel,
all though that will come to be nonsensical at some point to you.

This will become more technical as time goes on but not yet.

You have almost without fail,
been the certain cause unchangeable damage to other peoples lives.
As have many people been so upon your life.

If you stick with this project you will be walked through coming to terms with that.
It will be difficult, you will have your heart ripped out.
You will sob and rail against what you read.
It may seem at times as if I'm threatening to rip your relationships apart.
That may happen, but only so long as you or those close to you don't come terms.

We don't live in a Utopia where everyone had perfect childhoods,
growing into a perfect future.
Even if at some point that happens and
those angelic creatures came to be they can never look down on you.
It's easy to grow up loving and virtuous in paradise.

You have something humans in centuries to come will never have.
You can be magnificent in your ascent, because the climb is there to be had.
You can struggle out of and through the muck of the hardships you were
born into or you made for yourself or were made for you by others at times.
Not for yourself though or for mankind or our world or beauty to spread out across the stars.
For all of it together and at once.
If you were leave out your own triumph from the future there is no goodness there at all.
If anyone would come along and deny you or anyone the chance to rise there will be only tragedy.
A testament to the failing of humanity.

That is not to say there must be tolerance for negative behaviors,
To tolerate negative behaviors upon the self from others is stab at your own heart.
You are better than being trampled upon.
Equally though others are better than being trampled on by you.

What must be attempted to be kept in mind though,
is that behaviors are a result of external pressures on internal systems.
As that is the a matter of fact it can understood that behavior can change with very little effort.
It may take time for a new behavior to become a matter of habit that is true as well,
but with consistent and correctly understood and applied effort change will always take place.

Let's end on a common saying and an expansion

Treat others how you wish to be treated

If you were a monster would you wish to be allowed to remain one?
If others would say to slay you instead of helping to bring you back to humanity ponder this,
If you are not allowed a chance at redemption why not burn the world down?

All ships rise and fall together in the tides of time