Light the world this month.

in #hope2 years ago (edited)

It's a great time of year again when we get to reflect a little more on the birth of the saviour.

That is if we don't get tied up in all the tinsel and trappings the the marketeers have tried to cloak this special time of year in.

At this time let's avoid the commercialism and the rush and focus on rekindling the true spirit of Christmas in our lives this month.

The #lighttheworld gives us Ideas on how we can do just that.

Gets some ideas each week by following the link below.

And here is an awesome video from 2015 on why we need a saviour.


Was wondering if we would do this again this year, thank you so much.

Touche'! And let's also try and practice the lesson each and every day of the year as well. That is after all why our Savior was sent: not only to redeem us from the fall, but to teach us how we should be living always. Light up Christ's Spirit and light up your neighbour's spirit as well.