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Silently the wind blows, peacefully calming my nerves to the reality of my existence, giving time for the passing away of fear in me, the birds singing songs and being joined by the insects to lift the choir of blissful rhythm. There is always peace in paradise I said to myself, joy full I am the moment of scaring away the memories of darkness glowing it way up to my mind, it now to take up the mantle and become the dream achiever that I am. I tried to look beyond my thoughts farther away for the shadows of myself, realizing how sweet it is to be in happiness, undying realization of myself, and bringing back self confidence in me.
No one listening to the waves of my thoughts, only I could feel the fears burning out as if it were a lighted candle, going out of my body, a relieve to the shattered trauma that inhaled it way to my fears, could this be true, a fast track of activities acting up the engines of lovely memories building a gallery of hopeful thoughts, it feels like paradise, it feel as if I were not feeling myself.
Just then the blissful anthems sang by the birds fade off, as if the prey of its kind has come to dine on their rhythmic tone. Just me and my self-turning to find my kind in the mist of no were, bringing back my fears which has fallen back to it cage.
Hope could always be achieved for the realization of oneself, we are the only hope for keeping hope alive, but now what can I do to delete the trauma of the ungodly fears zooming my thoughts, just the I could sight the flowers shunning the glamour the pride of its existence making way for the butterflies to admire it beauty, feels like being in paradise.
Just then I could hear my name from the other side of my existence, it morning, a dream it was I guess my soul had a taste of paradise, a glimpse of hope, I realized that am the only hope of keeping hope alive.

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