You can not expect people to honor you if you do not honor them

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If you offer honesty, unconditional kindness or commitment to a relationship then you show yourself trustworthy to others and you will earn the trust and respect of people. The things or secrets people can not tell, they will be able to share it with you because of the trust they have for you. By earning the trust of others, you have to honor them, help them when needed. If you are aiming to be the best, honesty has to be at the foundation.

Everyone has been hurt maybe in the past because of a secret or a truth or a lie that is implicating but do not let these secrets stop you from being honest.

Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness, absence of lying, cheating.

It involves being loyal and sincere. Being honest is the most important belief of leadership. You can not be a leader if you are not honest or truthful. Even if the truth is ugly, you still have to tell the truth.
Do nice things without expecting anything in return. If you are willing to help people, do not expect anything or reward from them. Offer a compliment to them, being kind to people is the most wonderful gift and also by sending random gifts only if they come with no strings attached. Try to be loyal to people.

Loyalty involves honoring your friends when others belittle them. Loyalty also means helping and encouraging others to gulfill their promises.

Why do we lie from time to time

Maybe to avoid difficult situations or maybe to hide our feelings. There is a reward for those that are honest. No matter the situation you are in, you need to be trustworthy. You can change someone's life juat by being honest

Listen to others not to form Judgements but to understand their points

The easiest thing to do for someone you really care about is to listen and how can you be a good listener.

  • Listen to them and keep your experiences aside. It is more beneficial to listen than to talk
  • Focus on what they are saying and keep eyes contact
  • Do not underestimate or judge them. Instead look for a solution.
  • Do not compare their experiences with yours and do not lower the dignity of someone
  • Be cautious when offering your opinions
  • Say words like "yeah" to make them know you are paying attention
  • Sympathize with them.
  • Do not make them feel bad
  • Try following up with the person by giving them a call or sending a text.
  • Make sure you are encouraging and motivating

What does it mean to lower the dignity of someone?

By disgracing the person or laughing at the person's situation. Nobody is perfect, so do not laugh or insult the person. Console them.

What if the person keeps talking about something I don't know about?

Let them know that you do not know about it. Do not pretend about knowing it, make some researches or you ask some people about it.

What if the thing the person is talking about is really boring?

You can make it interesting by asking questions and also dropping your conclusion.

People will trust and honour you if you are loyal, honest, humble, trustworthy, good listener

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You have spoken from experience of which every word in your post to be justifiable.

Thanks for reading

Now that my baby is back on Steemit.
Let's celebrate this

It's a round circle that goes both ways. Happy new year der

Hi, mate i am just stopping by having found out you are one of my classmate.

I wanna wish you happy new year and a prosperous 2018



Listening is a virtue. Unfortunately, most people lack it. They just wanna assert their points. Impose them if possible.

Exactly, thanks for reading

Sometimes people see things as a 'give and take scenario' where you have to trust and honor them before they do likewise

But trust me life isn't all about that... Honor is giving based on personality and trust is giving based on behavior

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