Honor Those Who Support You

in #honor6 months ago

No matter how successful or wonderful you are, I am sure you have had support from others at certain times in your life to achieve this. If you're a writer and you've gotten compliments for something inspired by a friend, you might say something like this:


“Thank you very much, but you know what's interesting? This was not my opinion. My very talented friend _ supported me in this regard.

Honoring the people who support you is a sign of how humble and thoughtful you are.

If you've made a promise to help a friend or go to a movie with him, you have to keep that promise at all costs. It's easy to forget our responsibilities when faced with another, more enjoyable opportunity, but of course, it will easily cause you to lose the trust you tried so hard to win.

So keeping your promises at all costs is the most logical thing you can do.

It is necessary to behave differently in different situations such as work, home and social environment. But for every different environment, forgetting its essence and trying to be a completely different person is quite exhausting and it is definitely not the right way to inspire the people around.

Would you trust someone who felt compelled to act differently in their communication with every person in the environment? You have to accept your self as it is, without worrying about what anyone will think.