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Today the world has changed due to the invention of the internet and the growth of ICT. Centuries ago, access to data and data is hard to the point that individuals needed to head out miles and days to impart and accumulate them. The internet has turned the world to a global town and the world is at present experiencing unfathomable progressions especially in the field of Information, Communication and data transmission. Smartphones, computers, sound and video systems, and terminals that license trillions of megabytes of data exchange have made our world a completely extraordinary one. The headways in the internet region brought the data exchange to such a point, that we can accomplish countless exchange inside seconds. Through the internet, we can get to reserves, pays for administration and get data in microseconds
In spite of the numerous advantages and arrangements, the internet has brought us. The incorporated structure of internet areas comes up short on The situation isn't at all rousing. In the unyieldingly globalized world, singular data having a spot with us is secured in digital media. Digital software engineers get to our very own data and utilize it for unlawful purposes and evil us. The separation of imaginative possible results is disturbing and sickening

A couple of areas that record our activities when we use the internet pitch this data to advancing associations and our privacy is mishandled. In particular, associations with broad data terminals can record our own one of a kind talks and access our own profile by record the districts we enter, the things we get. Associations that buy this data will pitch it to various associations, influencing us to be harmed similar to the use of our own data.

About The HoneyPod Platform

The Honeypod venture is a progressive idea that joins Blockchain and Internet inventive innovation together and necessities to accomplish different movements. Internet access to our homes and furthermore to our telephones, which are a bit of our regular daily existences, in like way brought two or three issues. Honeypod's vision is to make these enhancements consistently secure and quicker. In the event that we believe that all our money stream, cash related exchanges and even receipt data are on the internet, Honeypod intends to make this strategy widely progressively secure. In such a situation in which states can't thoroughly guarantee the sufficiency of internet use, disclosures, for example, Honeypod will draw in us to utilize the Internet basically more attainably and securely. Honeypod needs to give the security that Internet suppliers and states can't offer, utilizing the intensity of Blockchain improvement

Advantages Of Honeypod

In creating Honeypod, global Internet users will appreciate the accompanying advantages

HoneyPod offers an abnormal state of security by Preventing malevolent data from achieving its users.

HoneyPod will be accessible for every single cell phone and PC and it will likewise an extensive territory like homes and places of business.

Perfect with a huge number of programs and guarantees that all devices associated with the internet are shielded and secured from an outside source.

Along the numerous advantages recorded above HoneyPod furnish users with different sifting choices to look over.

HoneyPod is a one of a kind development as it likewise interfaces the global internet users to this creative blockchain innovation and proficient utilization of cryptocurrencies.

Through Honeypod rewards structure that utilizes crypto to rewards users for their permitted outside contents. In this system subject to blockchain innovation, security is kept at the most unusual sum. It uses present day square chain innovation to help light up various nuances of device activity at each period of system check to ensure decision security.

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