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since the invention of the internet, every category of people has benefited from the advantages of internet connectivity, ranging from students who are able to carry out research at the comfort of their homes, learning a lot of new ideas from streaming the youtube , business men are able to pay bills from their offices or homes , purchase goods and services from the comfort of their home and other benefits.
However, despite the great and numerous advantages and benefit of the internet, there are the bad sides of it which has made it necessary for Honeypod to be created. Get more information from the websitehttp://honeypod.org/ and whitepaper https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua

As much as we have numerous advantages of using the internet, there are also the bad sides and these include though not limited to:

  1. cyber Hacking : internet users have been having the problems of hackers who compromised their internet connectivity, stole their Data and other important personal information , in the banking sector, hackers have severally broken into their server, hack it and stole customer’s money.
  2. Other people can track anyone using the internet; trace his or her location even without the knowledge of the victim. These have become common recently making people to be scared of using the internet since they are not sure who is monitoring their connection.
  3. Inconveniencies cause by unwanted App and malewares: these malwares most time slow down the internet connectivity on websites; also inform of virus, they attack information on our devices without our knowledge.

Considering the above mentioned factors and more that have not been mentioned which rebder the use of internet uncomfortable for users globally, A team of seasoned professionals and experienced men and women have decided to design Honeypod as a platform leveraging on the unique features of the blockchain which include transparency , security , safety , immutability and decentralization . Honeypod is designed as a platform which is capable of providing necessary solutions to those problems thereby adding value to lives and causing internet users to have a unique experience globally. Get more information from the websitehttp://honeypod.org/ and whitepaper https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua


Honeypod is designed with great features and tools that are capable to transforming the use of internet globally, allowing users to enjoy the true benefits of the internet. Some of those features are:

  1. Compatible with any device: with every device that has internet connection such as Smart television, smart phones, mobile phones and every other device connected to internet in the house, users of honeypod can enjoy the full benefit using one Honeypod for all devices.

  2. Stop trackers: with Honeypod, the problem of malware and every other 3rd party communication do not have access to user’s device. This is because Honeypod is designed to be smart enough to block these intruders but at the same time allow users access to decide what they want to accept. Get more information from the websitehttp://honeypod.org/ and whitepaper https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua

  3. High internet speed: Honeypod is designed to clear every 3rd party services, advertisement, trackers, and other unwanted malwares that slow down internet connecting affecting the speed at which a site loads. By clearing these undesirable elements, the speed of internet is increased.

  4. Blocking of Ads: in recent times, some annoying Ads have been forcing its way into internet users devices, which usually lead to the use of high bandwidth and delay in loading the requested sites or App. The good news here is that Honeypod has been uniquely designed to block these annoying Ads therefore allowing internet users to enjoy the best internet experience.

  5. complete data monitoring : with Honeypod, internet users are able to fully monitor every data requesting to access their device, users are therefore allow to be in control and have the knowledge of everyone trying to gain access to their device and those ones that have been blocked by Honeypod.


Honey token has been created on stellar blockchain which will serve as the main token for several purposes on the ecosystem.
Token name: Honey
Token Ticker: HNY
Token blockchain : stellar
Get more information from the websitehttp://honeypod.org/ and whitepaper https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua



The idea behind the creation of Honeypod is a great one and has come at the time when the internet was becoming discouraging with forceful annoying Ads, attack by cyber hackers, spread of malwares and viruses to devices rendering internet user’s data very vulnerable and unsafe. The ability of Honeypod to block all these annoying factors is a dream comes true for internet users. Also , using the blockchain, Honeypod will not only transform the internet , but will also transform the blockchain technology as more people will be attracted to it and there will be mass adoption of the blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies. Honeypod is therefore a project every crypto enthusiast should embrace and be part. Since this article cannot capture all the unique features of Honeypod , I advise my readers to also visit the websitehttp://honeypod.org/ and honeypod whitepaper https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpuafor more information .

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