My husband on our honeymoon admitted fraud: With this woman we hung out for years!

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The desperate women found himself tormented her when her husband discovered that the rumors that he cheated with her best friend, true, reports The Sun.

" My husband and I have been together for seven years and have a daughter. We got married last month, and we went on our honeymoon to Thailand. My mother is the time to look after our daughter so that we could enjoy a romantic trip " writes in his letter to wife.

" I'm 35 years old and I had so much its put up with the BS because I love him, but I have always been high on his list of priorities. Even when I was in labor he was in a cafe. "


The woman said that the rumor that he had sex with one of her best friends began to circulate about five years ago.

" We used to have together led the children in the nursery. He has always denied that anything happened between them, but when I directly asked and she also said that there was nothing " was written by a woman.

In the absence of evidence, the wife of the rumor interpreted as malice someone from the company in which her husband moved.

" He had a difficult childhood and all his life he was disappointed the people. I did not want to leave him when I did not have any evidence " explained.


The woman said to her husband during the last two years of their relationship dramatically changed - and for the better.

" Caring is almost never goes out and told me that he understands what has. When you proposed to me it was like my dream come true " said. " The wedding was wonderful, but after a lot of drinks on our honeymoon one night we started talking about our marriage. "

Her husband was then admitted he cheated with a friend to whom he suspected. It was the people of the rumors that have circulated over the years.

" He told me that he was immediately sorry and that it was the biggest mistake of his life. Despite that my heart is broken. We hung out with this girl all these years. Even with my daughter was in our home, pretending as if nothing had happened. I do not see how we can move past this " concluded his letter by desperate women.

Advisor Relations Deirdre Sanders tried to comfort his wife, and told her that she would be a shame to end the relationship because of the adventures of the past.

" Tell your husband I can not expect you to forgive him and you'll forget about it, but you're willing to try " wrote Sanders.

" He had a difficult childhood and probably it is therefore more difficult to commit to an end. But it seems to me to be repaired. You need to tell him that he would have to encourage you to make your relationship survive " Sanders concluded.

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