Honey Is Good For Health!

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Uses Of Honey:

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  • When you have cough problem you should mix one teaspoon of black pepper and honey on 100 ml and mix them well and keep that paste to the sun for a whole day and after one day it take the sun you will have to take 2 teaspoon at the night before going to sleep and also take 2 teaspoon at early morning before breakfast.

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  • Honey can also be used to reduce the fat level of the body . you should add some 2 teaspoon of honey in warm water at early morning and you should use it daily and by that way you will be able to get lost of fats easily,If you repeat this process for couple of weeks you will be able to get rid of so many problem cause by fats in your body like fatty lever and also the cholesterol problems.

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  • To make the memory sharper you also have to take honey as your balance diet like you will have to add some almond with the honey .Like 100g of almond with the 250 ml of honey .

First you will crushed or grinder the almond and then mix it with the honey and each night you will use one teaspoon Before going to bed.

I hope you like these tips for sure and please let me know if it help you in any way, i will try my best to provide these quality home remedies to my steemians!

Thanks for the interest In My Post .


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We love honey!! It is nature's superfood and it tastes so good. I like trying the real, raw, unfiltered, local honey where ever we go. The best honey I've ever tried was honeycomb in the honey. There's so many fake honeys out there though. I can taste the sugar syrup added to it. Yuck!

Yep, I have honey everday with my morning protein shake. :)

Very true , I use the honey and pepper for cough , and it truly does help plentiful . So much other benefits in honey that we have no clue about and don't put it to good use .

Yes, Honey is good for Health.

Personally I don't joke with honey. Its my secret vocal recipe, hours before I go on stage I mix honey and ginger juice and my voice sounds renewed. Glad to have learnt other uses of honey thanks for this article sir

Its a tasty medicine for body ,, haha ...

Does anybody know the science behind why Honey reduces body fat? That sounds great but not sure how it would work?

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Agreed, honey has many benefits for us!
Although there are many fake products out there, i don't remember where i read it but it basically said that many countries does not regulate what content the products has to have for it to be called honey.

Lucky for me here in Sweden, there are regulations for it.
I use it often, even in foods like when making my own hamburgers for sweeter taste haha

Omg I love honey!! All those benefits :)

Nice points you put out, @ammar0344! But raw, pure and natural honey is also good for the skin, too! It's a natural way to get that beautiful "glow". It may not be like chemical-based creams you can get in stores that work fast, but patience is key, and natural is always best - so choose honey!

Apply a thin layer of honey on your face every night and let it sit for 30 minutes then wash your face with lukewarm water, and you'll see the results after 2 weeks. I am saying this because I am doing this myself. 😊 I hope this helps people!

Hola @ammar0344
La naturaleza es sabia, las abejas son espectaculares con su trabajo y la miel preciada para nuestro organismo.
Pensar el trabajo genial de estos insectos y su contibución al desarrollo de la vida en nuestro planeta.
JEJEJEJEJEJE tomaré más miel.
Saludos y buen artículo.

I have learned some unknown information about health related information. I want you to post such a post. And we can find out many unknown information. We will wait for your next post

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Hey senior steemian.i think You are a very genius man.you update's a very essential tips for a mans life.we should obey this this tips.and eating huge honey for good health.thank you boss and salute you

Honey is realy useful and helpful for the health but there are a lot of fake honeys at cheap prices. People just needs to be careful. Thanx for the post.


True! Take the most regional/ closest & of course...organic!

Honey is miraculous. On this side of the world, particularly venezuela, honey is used medicinally, gastronomically, for sweets, among others. the honey is wonderful!

Thanks for share the sweets benefits of honey. Also you could write about the benefits of coco. This both foods are very good for health.

Your publication is very valuable.There are many benefits of honey, in my house is very used for respiratory problems for its effect to expel phlegm;

There is a remedy with honey to help ward off the flu and goes up the defenses:

250 ml of honey

1 cuchrada zabila Cinnamon
1 lemon oil.
1 liter of water

Boil the water with the cinnamon, leave and liquefies the rest of the ingredients, pass through the strainer. Place in the refrigerator, take 15 ml in the morning until it runs out. Repeat every three months.

Gracias por la publicación

Nice post! I love honey, it is so healthy. I gave you an upvote, please if you want, follow me and read my last post. Good job!

Since the existence of man, man has always known how important it is. I love taking honey with tea, with bread.....or just as medicine......You actually just reminded me I've run out of honey! Cheers

An awesome cough remedy with honey is to heat (low) sliced onions in your favorite honey. Simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Cool, bottle, then use as needed. I'm presently using this "brew"for my cough. It works great.

Wow... I never thought I can make something good out of honey like this... I must make sure I buy in large quantities now... Off to market 👍👍👍

Cierto la miel es uno de los alimentos mas ligeros y completos del planeta tanto así que los científicos han intentado hacerla y es imposible solo esos pequeños titanes llamados abejas pueden lograrlo ya que sus energías son unicas,tienes mi voto.Saludos con cariño-

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