The Honesty Post!

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In my opinion, the three great pillars to any sustainable society are the following:-

  • Tolerant. Different people are different.
  • Constructive. Build on ideas, wants, needs, etc.
  • Critical. Because not every action is optimal.

After having the pleasure of experiencing Steemfest in person, I can't help but to think of one thing despite all the niceties and camaraderie-ship: someone will take advantage of the community's tolerance.

Here's the problem with being critical - people are people, and people really don't like to be pointed out or proven wrong. Get into a fight, and usually nothing good comes out of it. Well, maybe only after a long time.

Introducing the honesty post -

I'm not saying that I've been dishonest communicating with the Steemit community. I just tend to have a filter, and really consider what I'm about to put out for others to read. So honesty here really means to go out of my way to point out glaring problems within the community, all in hopes to make things better.

Another reason to emphasize the honesty post is just to signal to the others that I shouldn't be punished for trying to be critical. I want to contribute, not destroy the community.

Some might say "if you have nothing good to say, don't say it". I tend to agree, if I really have nothing constructive to suggest afterward. But I think it's more of a destructive habit knowing that no one likes to fix the boat, especially when sharks are around taking advantage of the situation.

Let's make it a point to deliberately spell-out safe haven posts like this every once in awhile.

Here we go -

There are a few problems with the network that I wish to express after experiencing it for half a year. I will try my best not to single out names, simply because I don't think it's an individual's problem, but a behaviour problem that's being reinforced by the limitations of a voluntary network. Well I'm just being nice, sometimes it really is an individual's problem.

1. Little to no accountability

This goes with the territory in voluntary, non-contractual agreements. With Steemfest alone, I've observed two cases of voluntary agreements being breached without any repercussions. There wasn't even any expressed amendments to make up for dishonouring their agreement.

The first case: last-minute cancellation of some talks at Steemfest. I see this as a glaring problem when contracts are not part of the equation, and I think it's highly condescending to do so especially without any public apology for the community. The best course of action is always to maintain integrity of character - acknowledge your fault, and suggest ammendments. But I've seen none, and it's quite disappointing.

The second case: quite the same as the first. Some of us were actually sponsored to attend Steemfest. Money was given voluntarily by the sponsors without any contractual agreement. Well, suffice to say that for some that decided not to attend after the agreement - they just pocketed the money, and that's about it. Free money, and nothing to make up for not rendering what is expected of them.

It really is just too easy to exploit and take advantage of voluntary agreements, especially if you have quite a good standing within the community. Personally, I will be critical about integrity and accountability. With great power comes great responsibility.

If a post gets great payouts, especially out of great promises, I think voters (and the wider community) should keep track and follow-up on the results. Just like how we wouldn't want politicians to go scot-free after promising this and that, with nothing to show for at the end of the day.

2. Complaining about payouts when no one's telling you what to do

This is a common sight on Steemit. While I don't believe in suppressing complaints, I believe that complaining without understanding context is highly destructive. First of all, what is Steemit? I view it as an open-freelance (or voluntary) platform.

There really is no one telling you what to do here. Sometimes you get money out of your contribution, sometimes you don't. But if you're complaining, are you really contributing willingly, anyway? The beauty of this platform is that you can earn rewards by just doing whatever you like. If you want to earn more, make your stuff relevant for the community. Hustle and provide value.

However, I do agree that the top influencers should break out of certain habits and try to support more persistent, value-adding accounts. Curation groups are part of the solution, at least in the meantime. I think this situation has vastly improved since the early days.

3. Let's try to assess posts / accounts objectively

Alright, the common saying in Steemit is "Value is subjective". Sure it's subjective, especially when the focus is restricted on the contents of a post. However, when you view and study an account's posts collectively, a new dimension arises. That new dimension is simply character.

While assessing character is also a pretty subjective practice, I think it's fair to say that it can be objective when judging an account is being exploitative, or not. My personal alarm goes off whenever I see blatant repetition, especially when there's little or no other attempts to add value into the network. Doubly so when the contents are like what you experience from fortune tellers. Personally, I wouldn't pay fortune tellers that are deliberately delivering false hopes. It's a waste of money.

I agree that it's okay for certain individuals to stick to their own, limited focus to what they think best contributes to the community. But, I personally would like to see individuals getting rewarded for trying out new stuff. The problem with most of mainstream society is specialization of industries, and of what is expected of an individual.

This happens because of the safety-net reward systems of a highly industrialized society. Personally, I think of Steemit as a platform that will ignite the next Renaissance. It's a companion for everybody to explore, contribute, and continuously improve themselves along with other good people.

Conclusion -

I hope whatever I've written here adds to the discussion. What do you think about some of the points I've made? I plan to do this post once every 6 months.

I would also like to take this chance to thank those who are always critical about the problems of the network, especially those that don't mind taking a hit in reputation and future payouts.

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When you tell the truth it becomes part of your past, when you tell a lie it becomes part of your future.

Nice quote. Thanks :)

yep, seen it in a meme,...

I didn't know about the SteemFest point, I learnt something new there. It's a shame because I'm sure quite a few people would have happily jumped in last minute to fill any spaces (especially if asked during the free bar on Friday ;D).
I appreciate that you speak with integrity and with no malice. I think you have put your thoughts across well and people respect your contributions to this community.

Thx kevin for the writeup. I especially totally align with you in regards to point 2..

And about point 1: About the SteemFest issue... Yeah it was a bummer some people cancelled last minute... especially people supposed to give a talk. However it also felt to me like a "true" festival where there are always some cancellations... The other part, people being sponsored for coming and then not going and not returning the money... that is just bad. Karma will catch up most probs.

Just a notification / explanation for the community would be nice.. afterall I think some people decided to go to the fest based on the speaker lineups. Anyway, just gettin this out of my chest :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Some good thoughts here! That part about people pocketing money and not following through on their verbal agreement is theft... there is no other way to state it and those people should be called out on it.

Curation guilds have helped tremendously. When I first started it was near impossible to get noticed. That's not the case anymore. I think as more guilds pop up and as more whales donate their voting power the platform will only get better and more "fair".

Sometimes people just forgot about it, I guess. Which is why we have contracts..

It's nice seeing that you're continuing your journey on Steemit. A few short months, felt like forever eh?

It really has felt like much longer... this place was vastly different just three months ago and I anticipate it will look vastly different just three months from today. Hopefully in a good way :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Well, that was a good read! I can say that I mostly agree with everything. I would say that anyone can point out negatives, issues, problems, even if they don't have solutions. It brings awareness, and someone else may have a solution. That's not to advocate complaining, however. Thanks. Peace. Reblogged.

It's true there's a difference between incessant complaining and merely speaking out :) Thanks !


Thanks buddy!

This is a great post! I was just reading a post by @logic who has defined the types of steemers we have, check it out here:

Checkin it out, thanks for the link!

I agree with everything you said and would support you even more if you were even more critical and confrontational.
While it may not be the best choice for your "like factor" I would respect it because of the danger.
As long as you are reasonable, accurate and open, while also providing practical solutions vs blaming complaining or judging them it's healthy! Anyone who can't handle that is destined to be a "looser" anyways.
Thanks for all you do to make this community awesome!

I'm not sure if I wanna go back to that. I used to be the in-your-face confrontational type. Costed me some relationships that I actually rather not lose, so yeah perhaps I'm not gonna go there again :) But thanks for the encouragement @quinneaker, I'll see how I can better develop this. After all, I think the community here may be better suited for healthy debates (maybe).

Yes I feel you. Not giving advise, just saying.
Yes it does appear that Steemians are more capable of debates, but it's just a maybe indeed. As soon as someone gets ruffled then shit hits the fan haha.
Everything is a give and take. As long as your happier with your life now then ur making progress. Never stop fine tuning!

I can't disagree with anything here!! Point 2 is particularly relevant. There is nothing more disappointing than someone you follow or respect throw up a complain'y post because they aren't earning like they once did.

If Steem goes to 1 cent, the max reward pool per day will be 250 bucks.. but vests remain the same. I think by then the playing field will seem very fair and levelled for all players haha..

I can almost hear the howls now!!!

Some might say "if you have nothing good to say, don't say it". I tend to agree, if I really have nothing constructive to suggest afterward. But I think it's more of a destructive habit knowing that no one likes to fix the boat, especially when sharks are around taking advantage of the situation.

On the contrary, if you have something to say, please say it no matter whether it can hurt. If its constructive, it will always be helpful at some degree.

And I fully agree with everything you said :)

I like your emphasis on "if you nothing good to say don't say it" unless you have a solution. Anyone can be a critic of the "man in the arena" .

It sure is. Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it :)

i agree with the first 2 points. but i lost myself in the 3rd one?

Third one is just a recommendation to promote diversity, not stagnancy :)

I ADORE YOU Kev!!!! Really you are a god :)

Aww thanks. I just don't talk about my vices here :) (well not much anyway)..

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

On community building - I think the steem price being low right now is extremely healthy for the long term. Folks have the ability to experiment more / discover more (and should be doing it... more.) It's easier to hear a broader range of voices now than it was in July. The price drop has also filtered out some of the long-term vs. the short term fishies... also promoted some critical dialog that can only help steemit mature.

Anyway, I'm continually fascinated by this platform and the way it has engaged a creative class of people in such a short period of time. I'll end with your quote - "Steemit (is) a platform that will ignite the next Renaissance."

It looks like you're sitting well with the new account. I have to say it's a good call :)

I think the price may drop a little more, and then hopefully the currency will transfer into stronger hands!

Thanks bud. Oyy, it's been a lot of work... (you did warn me)... but I'm finally in the neighborhood of where my old account was. Looking forward to an exciting 2017!

@kevinwong Followed and voted! You follow me @Sandra16

Thanks for sharing these insights. I agree with you on a lot of points, though #1 is one of the reasons I really enjoy this community. There's no central power overseeing activity, and no "policing" if someone does something wrong. This may seem negative at first, but it's much like the real world in that yes, you can cheat someone once, maybe even twice. But eventually, REPUTATION becomes super important because the community starts to recognize who is acting for the good of the whole community, and who is not.

Like the old saying goes, "integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is watching". Members who act with integrity will eventually be rewarded, and those who don't, won't... based on reputation alone. Keep your Steemit reputation spotless; so far, I think you're doing a great job @kevinwong.

Thanks for the great post

Thanks for sharing! Followed and voted! You follow me @Sandra16

I absolutely love and appreciate everything you've stated.

First point:
There should definitely be accountability. A verbal agreement is still an agreement. If people sponsored someone and they reneged, those funds should be refunded unless that was part of the agreement. At the end of the day we've only really got our integrity.

Second point:

There really is no one telling you what to do here. Sometimes you get money out of your contribution, sometimes you don't.

Yup. I tell everyone that I try to bring in that there is a potential to earn but have NO EXPECTATIONS. I've personally put in an Herculean effort to get where I am and my payouts range from under a dollar to maybe $30-something. I don't have anything to complain about! It's more than what I'd be making anywhere else on the internet. And frankly, the people here are smarter.

Third Point:

CONTENT might be subjective, but FORMATTING is not.

Those who put the effort to make a nice presentation of their post, regardless of their content is QUALITY to me. They are the ones who use titles, tags, headers, and white space thoughtfully. THEY CARE. It is like house hunting. Look at the bones of the house: foundation, roof, solid walls, good electrical & plumbing. Everything else can be changed and modified with a little paint and purchase.

So, @kevinwong, thank you for your honesty. From the other comments, we are not alone in how we feel about Steemit. :)

Spoken like a true writer/editor :) do you work in the field?

I completely agree with the importance of formatting! There's definitely a way to present your ideas to make them accessible/interesting to the community.

Hi @avantmidi - I've been writing nearly all my life but worked 7 years as the manager, editor, writer, and paginator of the obituary department in a mid-sized daily newspaper. Imagine screwing up in that field? LOL

It's a sort of game I play... Let's call it the split-second game. If I opened a post and none of the formatting was there...or if I took the picture/video away, does it still catch my eye? If it does, I continue to read - usually upvoting and commenting. If it doesn't - I click away. (I don't think I've used the flag button since I've been here - not even on my one troll. LOL)

Haha I imagine you triple-checked your text before sending it out for printing... anyway, it shows in the way you express yourself.

I've been an editor for a university's online publications about 4 years now, and have come to appreciate more and more how much impact a slight visual shift could have on text!

Just followed your work. Looking forward to reading more!

Thank you @avantmidi! I'll be looking at your work as well.
And let me tell you... There is almost NOTHING worse than printing: There will be a PUBIC viewing in an obit - or calling one's brother a BOTHER. Oh boy, have I got stories. LOL

Hahaha... I can imagine you have some stories! One also wonders how much of those slips are Freudian :P

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