Read this post. Right now, there's a disparity between the apparent post value and the actual post value.

sry but i'm not talking about the apparent post value. I've waited until the actual payout. And i received 0.211 SBD and 0.064 STEEM POWER for this post i bid 0.3 SBD, as you can see in my wallet if you don't believe me
So it is not a positive ROI!

We can only guarantee a vote with a positive ROI value at the time of voting, as is clearly stated in our introduction and repeated in this post.

We aren't wizards. We can't predict future market values of Steem. The price of Steem has fallen quite a bit in the last week. Because of this, your actual return was less what it would have been when the vote was cast, and unfortunately less than your bid.

Ok then I'm sry. Seems like I fail to understand the Steem reward system. I thought only the estimated $ value would fluctuate over the time and not the actual SBD payout.
Thanks anyway for your response! Now I understand it: It makes only sense to send a bid shortly before the payout of a post.

The Steem payout is (relatively) fixed based on the votes you receive, but your SBD payout is tied to the value of Steem. With 50%/50% post rewards, you receive half in Steem Power and the other half is an SBD amount equivalent to the 50% value of Steem based on the assumption that SBD is worth 1 USD.

It is complicated, so your confusion is warranted.

And you're right. There is far less risk when you send a late bid. However, I know there are accounts out there that are keen on flagging people who use bid-bots last minute. I'm not sure why they do that... I don't see late-voting as abuse in any way.

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