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Tonight I would like to share some of my current resources for Solar Power and batteries. Many people ask me, hey do you do the solar power? I'm like...…. hey there, let me tell you...….


I've been buying wholesale panels by the pallet usually 26/pallet from these guys. Jason Dunbar has been my contact for new, and grade B panels, which have some cosmetic flaws, but check out electrically. Monocrystalline panels are the most efficient at around 18%, ask for the spec sheets and history of the panels. If you go in with a friend, you could self fund your solar project by buying a pallet then selling some locally to pay for the other half of the panels. Check out their website for deals or contact directly @

I've been researching the secondary battery market through following Jehu-Garcias Youtube channel.

There are many options to go cheaper with solar these days for the off gridders, diyer, backyard innovators, makers, and homestead communities through these secondary markets.
I am looking at building a Powerwall and buying the batteries off these guys in the future.
I recently bought some Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePo4 cells from these guys, for an ammo can portable power system build. Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Chemistry allows you for a huge amp discharge and the cells are better at deep discharges compared to lithium ion chemistry.

Wet cell lead acid batteries are still the cheapest option for batteries around that I have found. However they require yearly maintenance which can be a downside. These are 6v at 215Ah batteries.

The absolute best deal I've found on them so far has been at Sam's club. They do a special deal on these batteries every couple months to keep the inventory rotated where they sell for about $68/battery with an $18 core charge so save up your old batteries or find a buddy that might give you some old ones they have lying around. These usually cost around $110/battery + core from batteries plus.

Thank you for your time if you checked this out! Keep your ears pealed for a new show on the PAL discord I'm working on with @jackdub that will focus on the backyard innovator.

@jackdub still tweaking the logo, but here's an idea. Give me a shout if that resonates with you.

Let me know what you think in the comments, Follow, Upvote and Re-steem to all your peeps!

Peace and Joy to y'all


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Thanks for the post! We're creating an anonymous decentralized solar powered currency utilizing the CryptoNote Original algorithm! :)


hella cool! mobile crypto mining is one of my future visions. Every crypto miner would benefit from running their own power systems imho.