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@knowledge-seeker hosts a #homesteadphotography weekly contest.

Last night I came upon this week's contest, as I have many weeks before. I try to make note of the subject and try to Remember to keep my eyes open for an entry on the weekly topic.

This week the topic is Insects on the Homestead. I felt I could find something to add if I could Remember.

All tasks taking me outside end up with me in the garden, it's just the way it works... And I love it!

This morning some ripe Strawberries called me over to their bed. We have struggled with establishing strawberries on the Homestead and I was snapping joyfilled success pics.

And something caught the corner of my eye... And hid in the photo I snapped of these berries.

Did you spot it?

Does this help?


It is a Luna Moth! My second one spotted ever!

Here she is in shots from all angles.


My original view... The casual way her tailed wings rest me me grin.


Such a fuzzy body. She seems to enjoy this potato plant.


Simple, elegant beauty...

Complex details...


Nature continues to feed my Lust for Wonder!

@knowledge-seeker continues to provide opportunities to open my eyes and see more!

This is my entry for this week's Insects on the Homestead #homeadsteadphotography contest.

Join in! This week's contest post can be found here.

Here is a spider bonus pic!

~all text and images are my own unless otherwise credited

Just a girl...
Living, Loving and Dancing her way to Wholeness with the help of a Mountaintop and a Purpose.

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Those luna moths are amazing. One night about 30 some years ago our bug zapper was covered with these things. It was absolutely amazing.

  • That's really cool that you captured those great pics!

That would be crazy! I am hoping they were too big to be zapped!


Oh no zapping that night. They just were totally surrounding the cage. Really amazing colors and such. Too bad I didn't have a smartphone to snap a pic back then! haha

Beauitful! And YAY for the strawberries! 🍓🎉

Wow thats so cool! Ive never seen anything like that before. You sure got my aloha 🌸

Hi @borrowedearth!

What a cool find! My son is so into caterpillers, butterflys, and moths.


My boys were crazy for them too! We hatched and raised a bunch of cecropias moths from egg to flight... An amazing experience I would recommend.

You have strawberries in your garden! You never cease to amaze me. You also have a friend there and I thought those large wings were leaves.


We do! They are fairly common to grow here. She sure was a beauty

That's awesome I love insects and am pretty good at spotting them in the wild but I didn't catch this one until the first zoom in. S/he is a magnificent creature.

Just a girl...
Living, Loving and Dancing her way to Wholeness with the help of a Mountaintop and a Purpose.

I just love this sediment I have stopped by your posts before but hadn't seen that. <3


Thank you. It's a beautiful way to live.


It sounds like it for sure. Do you have any children? Id love to bring my son up in the country but not possible with work requirements.


I have three sons. They are grown now, but I was able to raise them unschooled on a beautiful self-sufficient farmstead in Wisconsin. I had some blessed opportunities in the work world that gave me my days with my kids when they were young.


@borrowedearth Sorry for the delayed response I have been busy getting to know our new little man. We are looking at homeschooling possibly but not sure if its the way to go or not yet, I think it will depend on how he is when he grows up. Right now he is good at throwing tantrum and then giggling to make us forgive me lol...

Hey @borrowedearth, Your post has been featured in the offgrid-online #outdoor-adventure curation post - feel free to have a look at:


I am honored to be included. I will check it out.

This is a great photo @borrowedearth and I am glad you have enjoyed the contests! To be honest, without the upclose photos, I probably would have missed it because it blends in so well. Haha!

I am sure they are around, but I do not recall ever seeing one in person. I will be on the lookout to see if I can find any on my homestead :) Great Job!


Near light at night is best bet usually. Good luck!
Looking forward to more contests.

Those are beautiful pictures.

Recently I started with gardening as well, but I am a still a newbie :P


Best of luck on your gardening adventures. Being a newbie is a time of great discovery... I feel like a newbie here in the Ozarks, so different from home.

Wow! I don't think I've ever seen one up close. They are very lovely!


I was mesmerized... I have always loved them... Tickled the are home near my home.