The Bar is Set for The Sampson Farms Okra Challenge

in homesteading •  last year 

I'm entering the Sampson Farms Okra challenge and I'm setting that bar pretty damn high! Good luck everyone but I'm pretty confident I got this one. Here is a link to Sampson Farm Okra challenge video

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I save some from my own plants

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lol - 2 years ago I prepared a bed and planted okra.

3 plants emerged.

1 plant reached waist height and gave me about 5 okra before it died.

Maybe I should come visit to learn how to do it right

Best of luck with your competion.

This was by far the best year I've ever had for Okra normally I have your experience haha

LOL....that is one huge okra pod! How did you do regarding the contest overall?

I'm leading as far as I know depending on if he counts Old Camp Ranches "vining" okra that's 21" long. However I've learned that vining Okra is pretty much a version of luffa squash so we'll see how it's ruled haha

Dirty old cheater,