Potatoes planted now we wait

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So I have started moving the gardens

As many of my long time readers know, last year our former neighbor angry our build was gonna require her to buy the empty lot as it was discovered when our permits was pulled that her septic tank was partly on that lot and when she found out the costs she got angry stopped paying her contract and was evicted but before she moved she poisoned my garden and ruined any chance of a harvest I had. So since I need to move the entire beds, I am moving the beds to the back yard that is fenced and locked at all times unless we need to go in and out of the gates.

So this year I decided to do a potato box

I took the raised bed frames and posts and stacked them. Poured lots potting soil in the box and planted some potatoes. As they grow I plan to put some more potting soil in there so there will be plenty of room for lots of potatoes.


Next box will be the tomato and Pepper box

I have decided to do small square boxes this year to make ir easier for me to care for since I am gonna have to put some fencing around them to keep my dogs out of the plants. It will make it easier for my back also as I won't have to stretch as far.

I already have my herbs started

They are in the window, I am going to get them transplanted this weekend I think. This is the first year I have grow them from seeds normally I buy starts from the nursey. I am gonna try to borrow a tiller so I can plant this heirloom corn I have. And since there are no farms close by I shouldn't have to worry about GMO cross contamination.

I am gonna do some greens leafy veggies

But I also want to plant some grapes and at least one fruit tree or a tree that produces nuts or one of each. As I want to slowly turn our land into an edible woodland in the back and gardens in the cleared land where there are no trees. But Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will this homestead of ours. Since I am limited on how much I can do at any given time. These small boxes will make it easier as I can tackle a new box every day or two and should have everything planted over the next couple of weeks.

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The potato box looks awesome! So sorry that your former neighbour did that to you. :(