Watching my garden grow

in homesteading •  3 months ago 

I plan to get some more raised beds done this weekend

But I figured an update was due on the ither plants. The potatoes are doing very well. 15 days since I planted them and they are coming up nicely.


The tomatoes and sweet peppers are also doing well since transplanting them

They are looking really good, and do not seem stressed from the transplant. Sadly the same can't be said for the hot pepper and the cucumbers. They both seem a little stressed since going outside.






Apparently I forgot to get a photo of the hot pepper

The cucumbers and hot pepper seems to be in shock. I hope they survive but if not I will try again. Cause I want to make my own pickles. And the hot pepper cause my husband wants them.

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Your garden boxes look great.
I love gardening and watching everything grow.

Nothing tastes better than homegrown. Well done... They look amazing.