We Are Turning Our Side-Barn Into A Goat Sanctuary!

Laura recently brought us home a surprise... it was a GOAT! So, we had to scramble to build a place to put it. We chose to turn our side-barn into our goat sanctuary.

In this video, I was just focused on getting a comfortable and safe spot fenced in for them to stay, but in the future, we plan on adding on to it quite a bit. We'll need to expand the outside run for our already-growing herd. Then, on the inside, we plan on putting in a couple of nursery stalls for new mommies and a milking station.

As of right now, we have Dale, our male goat that we introduced in a previous video, and two females, one of whom should be giving birth to at least one little baby. Additionally, we have 3 more (2 females and a male) that we have bought but are waiting on them to wean. With Dale getting close to maturity and another soon-to-arrive male, I'm thinking that we're also going to need to separate the whole thing into 2 sections to keep the males and females apart.

See How We Turned Our Side-Barn Into A Goat Sanctuary

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