Unboxing Our New Farm Innovators 42 Egg Incubator

We've been getting a whole bunch of eggs from our chickens now that are silkies are hitting their stride, so Laura had the idea of hatching their eggs to open up a new stream of income and barter.

To do that, we needed to invest in a good incubator that would take care of the process for us. When hatching eggs, it is important to pay close attention to temperature and humidity, as well as making sure that the eggs get turned a couple of times a day... not things that I wanted to add to my already-busy daily schedule.

We settled on the Farm Innovator Pro Series model 4250 incubator. It pretty much handles the ENTIRE process for you! It has a digital readout that shows temperature and humidity, as well as a days-to-hatch countdown. The temperature setting is adjustable, and humidity can be controlled by the amount of water you put into the water chamber.

While the inside of the unit is made of styrofoam, a perfect insulating material, the outside has a nice hard plastic shell, making it a lot more durable.

This was an Amazons Choice pick, and often times those products cheaply made and have horrible instruction manuals, if they include instructions at all. This product was definitely an exception! The instruction manual for the incubator gives detailed instructions, not only on how to use the machine, but also on how to incubate eggs in general. The instructions are based on chicken eggs, but there is also a table that gives information on how to use the machine for a dozen other kinds of eggs! Even the instructions for the free egg candler that came with the incubator have awesome instructions on how to candle an egg, what to look for, and detailed pictures showing how to tell if an egg is developing properly.

So far, I am very impressed with what we got out of the box on this Farm Innovator Pro Series model 4250 Egg Incubator (paid link).

Check out the video below to see our unboxing of this egg incubating BEAST

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