I Surprised My Wife With QUAIL EGGS!

This year has been absolutely crazy! We spent our first two and a half years or so on our homestead property just kind of floundering as far as building a homestead is concerned. We had a small garden and some chickens, but that was about it. But this year, 2021, has brought us forward by leaps and bounds! We now have a tractor, which allowed us to turn over a large part of our pasture for gardening space. We have a herd of 7 goats! We're getting bees! And, we have a new incubator that has allowed us to hatch our first batch of our own chicken eggs.

But, I have bigger plans for that incubator. I considered trying to raise some meat chickens this summer for our family and maybe to try and sell. But, after recently harvesting just 3 of our own cull roosters, I realized that I'm not quite ready for that. It would be quite a large monetary investment with a pretty good bit of risk on the back end of not recouping my investment. However, with our new incubator, I think I have found something a little more within my wheelhouse.

Watch The Video Below

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