Don’t try this at home!

in homesteading •  8 months ago

I had another great day of yard work with Eli, he’s a bit of a city slicker so often likes to experience some country living when he visits, so today he wanted to learn how to use the chainsaw he just bought.

Now if I was a good and more dedicated blogger I may have photographed or recorded some of the lessons for the benefit of everyone, but unfortunately once you get me started on yard work there’s really no stopping.

Today we also got him driving the tractor for the first time.

With me in the bucket!


Unfortunately he was too nervous to get out of the tractor and take a better photo so you can appreciate the height.


The power line next to me can kinda help to let you know how high it was. Also for the record don’t worry about the line, it’s not connected to anything, they just run all over the property from when it used to be a trailer park.


Now I say don’t try this at home, since it breaks the first rule of using hydraulic equipment of never trusting yourself on top or or underneath it. If there was a failure it could of hurt, but otherwise it was such a convenient way to limb a bunch of big trees in the yard!

Glad I’ll live to cut more trees another day

Footer by @bearone

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Safety first. Or whatever


Yeah, more like whatever is easiest to get the job done and throw safety out the

I wonder if there is an equipment or machinery for climbing trees to pluck fruits that are way up high in the branches? I will find that out.
Anyways it looks like you guys had lots of fun hanging out in the farm.


Oh yeah, there are way safer ways to do this job for

My sister-in-law lives on an acreage. It’s nice to get out of the city and go there every now and then when the weather is nice! My wife and I even got married on that acreage!


I bet it's gorgeous, I just love living out in the country, I couldn't handle the city.


To each there own!

I was born in the Vancouver area. I like my big city conviences!

I would never do what you did because I am afraid of heights, even small ones...:=(


Yeah, doesn't bother me at all, I think Eli was more nervous.

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