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RE: Florida Virtual School/Homeschool Meet-up at Heartland Fall Festival...Great Ideas, Many Games I Have Never Seen at a Festival! Fun Stuff!

in #homesteading4 years ago

That looks like a super fun day.

One thing I wondered... Was there a net between the apple/potato gun and the cars parked behind the targets 😊


yes, a net behind the wall of plywood! I had to ask my husband, like you he studied it....the apples could hit out the car windows and did! LOL Men are such men, too funny. Pretty cool your wife spins the way!

Beware of the flying apples 😊

Yes my wife is very into all sorts of fibre and fabric crafts. I've been trying to persuade her to have a steemit blog to post about all the things she makes. But I haven't succeeded yet...

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