a little chop and drop and an alternative way to keep deer off of an apple tree

in homesteading •  6 months ago

A yellow transparent apple tree was dropped off by somebody and left to where the deer could get at it. Somehow it has survived! So we are going to do things that will improve the soil and protect it from deer.

I gathered lots of stuff from within 50 feet or so, but this particular spot has very poor soil which leads to very little material for chop and drop. So I deployed a firewood carrier to go do the "chop" part about a hundred feet away and carry to the tree for the "drop" part.

I have a soft spot for the yellow transparent apple variety. My grandad had just one apple tree and it was yellow transparent. So I really like the idea of keeping this tree. Plus, this variety is the first apples of the year each year!

I have some help from "little buddy" from the grassfed homesteading channel.

I'm still recovering from some health issues, so i wasn't able to do as much as I wanted on this day, but I did manage to do quite a bit more. But clearly, little buddy has a lot more energy than me!

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