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I just have to ask what is the point.

What is the point of having a homestead with animals that you never plan to use? I mean isn’t this way of life meant to be more self-reliant? Isn’t this life meant to try to cut down on the cost of living? The reason a lot of people live this life with animals is so they can cut down on their dependency of stores. They also want a healthier choice of food. What is the point of living this life if you are still doing everything you did before you wanted to try this life? Why would you have a homestead with animals if you are still going to buy all of your food from the store? This is not some hobby you can just jump in and out of this is way of life!

The reason I am on this little rant is because I just got off the phone with a friend of mine. He also has a small homestead with all kinds of animals and he was looking to cut down on some of them. He wanted to know if I would be interested in having some of his animals! I was like yea I would be interested I mean who wouldn’t!
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But wait for it the deal breaker is coming! He said and I quote “Okay but you have to give me your word that you will never kill them off for any reason.” He also wanted to be able to come over at any time to see the animals! I mean really are you nuts?! So I asked him are you serious? He told me yes I am very serious! None of my animals have ever been killed off. They live their life until they die of nature causes.

So I asked him what is the point of having the animals. I could not believe his response! He told me that the point was having them around to give your self happiness and to know that they have a wonderful life because of you. Don’t get me wrong here I do believe that the animal should have a great live until it is time for them to serve their purpose.

I then told him that homesteading is away of life and with that killing animals for food is apart of that life. We started this life to try to be more self-sufficient not to waste money on food to feed an animal that will give you no return on it.

Well needless to say but I will not be getting the animals. I guess I could have told him that I would not kill them. But that would be lying and I just couldn’t do it.
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Am I wrong for thinking this way?

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That's what i was thinking!

While I don't see a by problem in people keeping animals as pets, it's responsible to keep only what you can afford to keep or have the time for. It sounds to me like he overdid it and is now trying to pass the buck. If he wants them kept as pets he really needs to keep them himself and not ask others to pay for their upkeep, which is effectively what he's doing.

Is he vegan or vegetarian? Because if not it seems crazy to me that he would ask for them not to be killed, yet still go out and buy the same meat.

Soooo.... do you want the guineas that are too old to eat? I mean you could eat them but tjey are too tough and uou cant really can the meat because of the oils, but their free and you they will eat the bugs and protect your other animals.

Also basfed on this post are we eating mutton sometime soon? After all she doesn't have much of a purpose?

Love ya buddy

Some people just do not get the term homesteading. Raising animals for food, eggs or milk is the reason I homestead if that is not the case then you are just raising pets, as a few have said, I agree with that.

beautiful photos!! :D

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What a peculiar situation. Good choice not lying about it, he would have found out anyway. I agree with @everittdmickey. This is a good discussion to be having though. I wouldn't plant a huge garden just to let the vegetables rot naturally either.


I don't think any one would put in all that hard work for nothing. But he does put in a garden but his animals get that food and then he will go and buy food from the store! I mean he even buys stuff that he could get for free out of the garden!

Just tell him they all died of lead poisoning, so we ate 'em.


LOL I don't know if he would have went for that! But it would have been a good try.

Would he mind if I killed them eventually? Not to sound mean, but there is no way that I could ever eat an animal while it was still alive. That's just cruel.


Well he did say that I could never kill them. He did not say anything about anyone else doing it. But come on man you would never try to eat something that was still alive? In other country's they do it all the time.

thank for your great information and post.
Keep it up upvoted and Followed.


Thank you so much for the upvote and for following!

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Have to agree with @everittdmickey, he's not homesteading. He may live in the country, or mountains, but he's just running an animal sanctuary. Animals have a purpose while alive, giving eggs or milk, but the ultimate end is to provide us with food. I doubt you'll ever look at your friend in the same light in the future.


Yes a lot of people think that just because you live in the country or have some animals that makes you a homesteader or a farmer. But there is a lot more that goes to it and killing off animals every now and then is apart of it.

It's unanimous all of the animals should serve a purpose or you might as well call it a petting zoo. You were honest. 🐓🐓


I try to be honest with every one. I know that I would like for them to be honest with me so I just figure if I do it first then they will follow. I know that is not the case all the time but I do try to give every one a chance.

All our animals, except our dogs and cats, are for food in some way or another. Why spend all the time and money? Even our dogs and cats provide something. Whether it be as an alarm system, pest control, or companionship. They should all serve a purpose.


That is what we think as well but I guess some people just feel like they are there to just look at. LOL

You make such a great point, I've always found that interesting as well. I don't think there's anything more rewarding feeling than sitting at the dinner table and enjoying a 100% homegrown meal, knowing how the vegetables and meat were grown and prepared, along with knowing you gave the animal the best life possible while they were around.

I actually just did a writeup the other day on processing quail for the dinner table if you'd have any interest in checking it out. I'm also gonna send you a follow and look forward to seeing your future posts.

ohhh keeway!!!

Excellent post, I liked it, I follow you to read what you publish, you pass by my profile, maybe something that interests you too, keep posting like this :D

Killing animals is completely unnecessery. Why not just grow crops? Killing animals for food is an awful part of life we humans have created and need to get rid off! Store your carbs for winter and eat your fruit during the summer... That's all.

I've had similar instances.

Many people just don't use common sense when it comes to livestock. Those are the people who'll never make even part of a living from a farm.

Keep up up the good works!


Thank you so much for the kind words!

People are so disconnected from where their food comes from nowadays. To me, it's sad. Especially when someone has a homestead. I understand becoming attached to your animals. I keep a couple special old hens around that no longer provide eggs. Some of them just grow on you. But if a bad situation came about, I'd not hesitate to eat them. I agree with you. We raise animals for food.

I saw your intro post while going through looking for new promising accounts. Thanks for making an intro post, or I would never have found you. I'm very interested in homesteading! One point of having animals is to be able to barter with your neighbors. I don't mean trading animals back and forth either. ha ha I brew mead for example, and I'm looking for someone to trade me quality beef. The other guy just doesn't "get it." If he doesn't want to have animals to barter animal products, perhaps he should switch to honey farming instead. Hey, I could use another honey source for my mead!

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